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better late than never- Hate Loss final week February 1, 2012

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I really want to stop using this blog.  Here is the link to this post on my other blog.  Is everybody ok with me being on blogger instead of 3fc?


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  1. lilblueticket Says:

    I would follow you anywhere! (And I really want to stop using my 3FC blog too, I just have to figure out all the logistics.)

  2. jewlz280 Says:

    F*$k. I don’t get to reading for just a few days and miss something truly important. I’m sorry, Didi. I don’t know what else to say. We lost our first child and it was an emotional horror fest for me. I won’t lie — I fell apart. But it was the only way I could pull myself back together and move on. After all was said and done, we took a nice vacation and just… went into denial for a while. It was the only way I could dull it enough to deal with it. And it sounds like, from your previous post, that’s what you’re doing. Diversion really works and helps. I know you still have another week until your appt., but I pray that at that time, they are able to give you a real answer about what is going on. Until then, keep dreaming and planning for the future. It’s all you can do. And leave your trust in God to get you through. I love that your poochie has been with you and that Chris is such a good guy and standing by you. How is this all affecting him? I didn’t find out until MUCH later how much our miscarriage had hurt my husband. He said he felt like it was his fault and he couldn’t do anything to ‘fix’ it. But together, you two can get through this.

    As for going to another blog, I would definitely try. I won’t like, though. Part of the appeal of this site is that all the blogs are in one place. I have a hard time keeping up with the ones that leave. 🙁 But I would try! Hugs to you friend and thank you for all you’ve done — you’ve been a great support. I just hope I can do the same for you.

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