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20 Mar, 2012

Day 77 - I Did A Number On Myself

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Helllooo lovelies!
I am sorry again for my absence. This blog has really lost my interest since it decided to be all broken…
I do feel an obligation to post on wweeeiiggghhh daaaay, however.
For anyone curious about my title, I’ll get to that soon.
So… the results!
Last Week: 194.0
This Week: [...]

12 Feb, 2012

Day 40 - I’m A Big Baby Today…

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I feel like I never have super exciting, uplifting news anymore! I am getting sick and I’m being a big, whiny baby about it. I think it’s just a cold… Or maybe my sinuses acting up. But I’ve got horrible post nasal drip and my throat is killing me and my body is all achy [...]