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26 Feb, 2012

Day 54 – I Feel Like I’ve Been Gone Forever!

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Now… Please, no one believe that because I have been a little absent that I’ve been slacking.

In my last post I said I wanted to start eating a little more each day… because I thought I was possibly dipping into the “not enough calorie” range. Well, I’m not going to go into my calorie breakdown for the week. Mostly because I’m saving that for Tuuuesday! (: I can say though, I have absolutely incorporated more calories into my daily diet. So pat on the back for me. We will see soon enough if that’s positive or negative.

I am reading an awesome book I picked up and Barne’s and Noble on the Last Chance table this weekend. It’s called, “Skinny Girls Don’t Eat Salad.” I haven’t gotten too far into it, but I’m really liking what I’ve read to far. Basically it’s talked about how our body uses glucose and how our bloodsugar levels can affect the way we feel/eat and our weight. All she’s said so far is that you should eat frequently, so you don’t have a bloodsugar drop and then a spike when you eat some crap instead of something nutritious. So that all makes sense and I agree with it so far. I’ll keep you posted on the book and if it’s worth a buy!

This weekend has been a lot of fun, but I’m ready for some down time. We went out for drinks on Thursday like I said… I ended up drinking a little more than I wanted, but still not too much. Then I babysat a friend who DID drink too much and had his head in the toilet for a couple hours. I ended up going home after he stopped power puking, but apparently he ended up passing out on the floor, in the doorway between the bathroom and the hall. Unfortunately I missed that… Oh, boys. Some of them just don’t know their limit. Emmmmbarrassing.

Then last night we went out with some other friends to a new Sushi place on the other side of town. Terrible, horrible experience and we will definitely never be going back. We all had a few good laughs and the restaurant’s expense… but overall not a fun time. The food wasn’t bad. It was the 2.5 hours we spent there. Basically it took 45 minutes to get PART of our meals… Then an hour later the other people got their meals. The waitress couldn’t keep our waters full. And one of the girls at the table wasn’t given a spoon for her soup. But the time the waitress came back, the soup was cold and not worth eating… Ugh. There’s so much more but I just can’t get into it or this will end up one horrible rant.

I don’t really have much else to report right now…

I still have around 350 calories to eat tonight… So I’m going to make myself a snack and maybe some tea with honey. (: Then we are going to watch The Walking Dead!! I don’t know if anyone out there watches that show… but I absolutely love it. I’m a big horror movie fan and zombies are definitely my favorite.

Oh yeah! My work pants are practically falling off of me now. Which is awesome and makes me happy because in December they were getting almost too uncomfortable to wear. Given how my clothes are fitting, I’ll be pretty surprised if I don’t lose something this week.

Alright my pretties, everyone have a wonderful night and don’t let Monday get you down TOO bad!

Here’s to hard work and determination (Almost forgot that tonight!)


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1 | jewlz280

February 27th, 2012 at 7:57 am


Oooh! I’m excited to see how this experiment pans out! Have you felt differently since adding in some cals? I’m actually wanting to cut about 100 cals per day now that my weight has gone down a bit more to compensate for the lack of exercise I get. Congrats on the loose pants! I know that feels awesome. I’m ready to be in the next size so I’m waiting for that ‘loose’ feeling. :) And don’t worry on not posting all the time — it’s hard for all of us!

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