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06 Feb, 2012

Day 34 – Today Was A Chumbawamba Day!

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I feel like this is almost embarrassing to admit… But I’m totally listening to Chumbawamba right now. They just get me super pumped. I’m not doing much right now that I need to be all pumped… but they put me in a good mood.

SO! How is everyone? I’m well. I have some positive and negative things to report for these past three days…

I can’t even remember Friday… Which is why it’s good I log my food… Let’s see… Oh that’s right. Friday was the first of probably a few birthday celebrations this week. My birthday is the 9th. The big “two-three”. haha I’m feeling old! I ate really well all day… Then I drank my dinner. Went to the bar and had 3 pints of Guinness and a gin and tonic. I am NOT a binge drinker, usually… It was over the course of like 3 hours. That day was still only around 1,250 calories. Even if over half of that was alcohol… I consider it a success.

Then Saturday was also very good. And bad. I only ate like 1,000 calories. This isn’t because I don’t eat… I just don’t eat a lot anymore. And It’s always really healthy stuff. Plus work always screws me up when I close. I worked 1-10… So I ate a really late breakfast, kinda snacked for lunch then ate a normal dinner.

Sunday however… I went kind of insane. I considered not even counting my calories… but I thought I’d better. If I don’t lose tomorrow, then I’ll definitely know why. It was Super Bowl Sunday! (Yay, Giants!) And that calls for bad food, of course. We made a pizza and cut&bake cookies. I had 3 slices of home made pizza and freakin’ 5 cookies. hah Dinner alone was 1,400 calories. The day ended up 1,880. I’m not sorry. I haven’t eaten like THAT in a month. And that was something the old me would have not thought twice about doing multiple times a week. No wonder I weighed 235 pounds at one point.

At this point of my day I’ve eaten around 700 calories. I’m going to have a snack though before bed. I wanna keep it a lower calorie day because of yesterday. I’m not “making up for it” or anything… I just feel like I should kinda try and balance it a little? That sounds like making up for it… Oh well. Makes me feel better.

Tomorrow I’m going to WEIGH MYSELF! I get so excited about Tuesday’s. I think I should probably lower my expectations a little… Since I had such a huge loss last week AND I stuffed myself last night. Also, I haven’t drank hardly any water today. I’m probably retaining water like crazy. boo…

I hate an Industrial Psych exam tomorrow. I’ve never had this prof so I don’t know what to expect from his tests… I hope it isn’t too painful…

ALSO! Unrelated to food or weight… I finally ordered myself a new laptop. I had been breathing life back into my current one every few months. I’ve had it since my 18th birthday… Which makes it 5 years old in a few days. I think that’s a long time for a laptop. It has been through a lot and it’s been very reliable up until recently. I’m making the big switch from Windows to Mac and I’m very anxious. I expect to love it though… I ordered the 15″ MacBook Pro with 8GB RAM and 720GB HD. And I opted for the high resolution screen. It should be a pretty sexy piece of technology. haha (;

It’s a combination of what I’m doing with my tax money and a birthday present from my momma. She’s wonderful and I miss her. ): She lives like… 3 hours away and it just feels like I never see her. sad. sad.

Anyway… I need to study. I never feel like I contribute anything of value to you guys. I just babble about my life and what I’m eating… Still lacking in the exercise department too. Soon (I keep saying that) bf and I are buying running shoes. For running. We have decided to give the Couch to 5K a whirl.

Okay…okay… Everyone have a good day or night, whichever it is when you’re reading this.

Here’s to hard work and determination,


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