What makes me want to lose weight..

On my biggest loser email this week (This was done a few weeks ago) they asked these questions.

What makes you want to lose weight?

My health, I want to be healthy and be able to do things physically that I can’t do right now. I would like to run a marathon and I would like to be able to go hiking and not be in so much pain. I also would like to not have to worry about fitting in the seating at special events. (Ex the nutcracker.) I also want to be able to have a baby down the road and I want a healthy pregnancy.

What makes it important to you?

All of the above, I deserve to have a very fulfilling life and this is going to help me get that. I am going to be able to do a ton of things I was either afraid to do, or just plain physically couldn’t.

How will it make your life better personally, professionally, socially if you lose weight and keep it off?

I will be an all around healthier person, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I will also prove to myself I can do whatever I put my mind to.

What would you like to do that you cannot do at this weight?

Run a marathon, Have a baby, go to Disneyland and fit on the rides, go to the beach, Hike to the top of Mt Wheeler, Go hunting and be able to track and hike. Shop in normal sized clothing stores.

Getting to know you…Getting to know all about you!!!!

Wow! Where do I even begin. …. Well I guess I will start with myself. I am a 28 year old female. I live in the mountains of Nevada where we are literally 2 ½ hours from the next biggest town or city. Now I know what you are thinking. ….”YOU LIVE WHERE? WHY???” But to clarify those questions I love it here! It is quiet and beautiful and a lot of outdoorsy things to do. Now on to me…

I am married and have been married for just over a year. My husband is the most amazing man on this planet. He was my friend since I was in 7th grade….Well let me rephrase that he was kinda my friend. LOL! We met the 1st day of band class in 7th grade. We both played clarinet. He intrigued me because he was a very shy loner. He just kept to himself. I found out that if I picked on him enough he would either A)Blow up and get really pissed off. (Which was rather entertaining), of B) He would lossen the hell up and have a good time. (This is the response I was shooting for) This went on for years and then we finally became friends in High School.

I always had a crush on him but was afraid to date him because I didn’t want to lose his friendship in the end. So I always played it cool. I told him I thought of him as a brother, not wanting to get my feeling crushed if he didn’t like me. Little did I know he had the same feelings then that I did. I dated a lot of loser and we went our separate ways after we graduated HS. We had a brief encounter when I moved back from college where he stayed the night at my house but I just couldn’t commit. I was broken from a very bad relationship and needed some time to get my shit together. This hurt our friendship greatly and he walked out of my life for 4 years.

My mother and I were downtown shopping a few days before Christmas when my mother says “Look there is Cole in his mom’s truck.” The truck was parked just down the street. I rolled my eyes at mom and told her “And…” (With your typical shitty teenage/early twenties attitude). “Go over and say hello.” She urged me on. I told her “I don’t think so…..He hates me.” She then proceeded to go into a speech on how she raised me and told me to be the bigger person. Upon realization that mom wasn’t going to shut up about this I walked over to the truck and knocked on the window. I swear to god he rolled it down like 3 inches and just stared at me.

“What the hell are you doing!!!!!!” My internal dialog was yelling at me. “Uhhh……Hi.” “How are you” I ask in my most professional voice. “Fine…..” He replies dryly. “GREAT JUST GREAT!” The internal dialog tells me. “W..w.well her is my new number call me if your bored.” I tell him and hand him a piece of paper with my number. He takes the paper looks at me and rolled up the window.“Thanks mom….that went well.” I tell her as I rejoin her and we continue on our shopping.

I never heard from him that Christmas. Big surprise there! So by New Years Eve I am not even thinking about it anymore. This was one of the few years I went on NYE and partied it up! Some friends and I had done some pre-party their house and then went out. I was sitting in the Bar when my cell phone chimed that I had a text. “Happy New Year.” That was all it said. It was from a number I didn’t know. So I am going to blame my next text on the uber amounts of alcohol I had previously consumed that evening. “WHO THE HELL IS THIS?” I replied. “Cole.” Was the quick response I received. “Happy New Year to you too.” I replied with the permagrin plastered on my face. There it is that is how it all started and came to be. We started as friends hanging out. One day, when he was home on break he took me for a ride up to the lake. He pulled over and looked at me very seriously. “I have asked you to date me for ten years and you have always turned me down. I am only going to ask one last time. If you say no I am never going to ask you again. Des….Damnit give me a chance to show you what true love really is.” I was so taken aback I was speechless. “Yes…Okay yes.”

We then dated long distance. He moved home after graduating college, we dated face to face, got engaged and then married. There ya have it.

Wow!!!! I went off on a bit of a tangent there! Hehe

Well as I described my life is awesome. I have a wonderful husband and I hope to start a family with the man of my dreams soon. My weight is what is stopping us. SOOOOoooooo this year I am setting out to get my life back. I am going to be at 199 lbs by New Years Eve 2011. I think that explains some of me. I will write ya’ll more later. Love, Peace, And Chicken Grease!

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