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26 Oct, 2010

Inspiration: 10% Weight Loss

Posted by: delitaagain In: Motivation|New Me

Round, a 3FC chick who switched to her own website: http://lowstressweightloss.com, admits to having found this somewhere but can’t credit it. I’ve already done this and today I am thinking about doing it again. A fall in premature death by about 20-25% A fall in diabetes-related death of about 30% A fall in obesity-related cancers […]

07 Oct, 2010

Back in the Gym!

Posted by: delitaagain In: New Me

Tuesday was my first day back in the gym in about a year and a half. Due to life happenings and living situations I just have not had the place, time, commitment for quite a while now. Solution: Found a gym that is $10 a month (special ends Oct. 14) with a $10 start up […]

05 Oct, 2010

What These New Jeans Are Sayin…

Posted by: delitaagain In: New Me

So I got my new size smaller Levi’s and… [DRUMROLLLLLLLLLLLLL] They are PERfect! A teeny snug in the waist but not snug in the hips and thighs, not loose either. Perfect. Now if I’ll just get away from wheat my waist will drop 2-3 inches in a week and if I’ll stick with the working […]

24 Sep, 2010

Been Shopping Ebay!

Posted by: delitaagain In: New Me

First time in about four years. Had to adjust all my saved searches down 2 sizes. =D Will get back with pics once I figure out how to upload again… Buying 18w and 1x of which I have very few. Also today is the day I start back on CrossFit again. First goal: to get […]

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23 Aug, 2010

The Meaning of Jeans

Posted by: delitaagain In: New Me

So I was trying to figure out a way to track progress without weighing or measuring (back several months). Now my “skinny jeans” are baggy. Problem solved. Another phone update to keep the place going…



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