APRIL 21, 2011

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Ok, so we all heard about my 23 point salad yesterday for lunch….so what did I do?? I grabbed the leftover chinese food from the fridge & started STUFFING my face….Hunny yelled…Honey..your points! I  promptly replies F*CK MY POINTS!!!! Thinking tomorrow is a new day…right??? WRONG!! My day started all wrong! My alarm didnt go off, so YET AGAIN, I didnt go to the gym…instead, hunny’s phone call woke me up at 10 & jolted me out of bed,…only enough time to gulp down some caffein(1 points worth) and shake riley awake & praise the fact hunny told her to shower the night before & out the door we go headed to daycare…and I’ll get her donuts for breakfast….Thats where you failed, your thinking, right?? WRONG! I did only get riley some dew drops & a bottle of water(yes my 8 year old drinks water like its going out of style!) and drop her at daycare…Now Im thinking…oh man I never go without breakfast anymore, WHAT am I going to eat?? cause you KNOW as soon as I start delivering those meals, Im gonna want fries, or better yet, grab some of those DELECTABLE cheese & crackers we offer!) Im on the phone with hunny as Im contemplating & say MCDONALDS!!!! I can grab that yummy fruit & oatmeal they have!!! So I start heading for downtown & UTILITY work!!! UUUUGGGGHHHHHHHH omg, NOW Im gonna be late….its now 1115,and I have to make a 20 minute drive in 15 minutes. Hunny says…call work…tell them you’ll be late…DONE, as low & behold there is a Dunkin on my right…oooo one of those flatbread eggwhite thingymabobs! BINGO! Ok….get to work literally 1 minute to spare! Day goes by & now time for dinner at home….just me, hunny & joseph…Riley’s sleeping at daycare(ive mentioned her daughter & Ri are Bff’s?) So I say lets go out to eat!;) Ive eaten healthy at friendly’s before(local, pretty cheap) no, I order the stupid seafood combo platter thingy!!! UGH! Do I eat the whole thing?? Of COURSE not, I left 3 fries & 1 clam strip….after all I am NOT a garbage disposal…..bahahahhaha you so lie debbie, but I still love your lard ass anyways…..

So, tomorrow is YET another new day & I wont have to worry about kids being home sleeping while Im at the gym…cause no one will be home….I AM going to the gym….and I AM starting fresh tomorrow!!! I will even get my butt on the scale…and since I will have no worries about getting home to shower for work OR kids…I may even bump up my time on my eliptical(why do I say my eliptical? idk, but I alway “want” to get on the same one each day) lol

good night my friends, sorry this was late, as you heard, this was a hectic day indeed…to my friend maureen, I love you & I really am here if you need to talk….To my loyal readers….til tomorrow, and to the new people who just started reading me today…Together, we will win this fat fight!

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