APRIL 20, 2011

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ok real quick today…need to get riley to daycare &  me to work for a split double…meaning I’ll be cut after the lunch rush then go home & then back to work @ 5

Riley is feeling MUCH better! I went to the gym today,but didnt really do much, didnt feel right with the kids home sleeping(yes joseph is 14 & old enough to babysit,but still didnt feel right) so I only walked for 20 minutes & burned 113 calories, dont even know how far I walked. Tanned for 10 minutes & home to eat…..

an egg beater(1point) sandwich on a nutragrain waffle(2 points) with WW cheese(1 point) and 2 slices turkey bacon(2 points) Iced coffee(1 point) for a total of 7 points today.

Need to get back on this weight loss band wagon, cause I was at 150 this morning & had chinese food last night, and to serve me right for cheating, it was GROSS!! Im all done ordering from Main street chinese they are just going downhill!

have a great day!

HOLY CRAP!!!! I thought I was being SUCH a good girl!! I had this delicious Southwest Cobb Salad from work(pub 99) I ate it without thinking twice…WELL that salad was 23 points!!!!!! I did an online search for the nutritional info and found this…http://www.myfitnesspal.com/nutrition-facts-calories/pub-99 Put all the info in & BAM 23 points…I guess its a good thing I typically dont go over my points!!! So now I know I have to be REALLY good for the rest of the week! NO MORE EATING! LMAO!

Off for the 2nd half of my double!!

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