APRIL 19,2011

Posted debimomof3 on April 19th, 2011 | Filed under weight loss

Real quick this morning got to scoot to work. Riley is STILL sick…coaxed her into the shower, daycare lady is letting her crash on the couch(thank GOD she has an awesome daycare lady) Single moms with no child support get real nervous having a sick kid & wondering how they will make it if they have to call out of work!

Anyways breakfast this morning was 2 egg beaters(2 points) with 2 slices WW cheese(2 points) some brocolli & 2 slices regular toast(3 points) I ran out of my WW bread,but someone said the light breads are just the same as WW but cheaper!  Hey Im ALL for cheaper! and dont forget my iced coffee(1 point)

total- 8 points

AS of right now, no gym, but I would like to go at some point & will probally go later tonight. Joseph(my 14 y/o) has a 5 oclock appointment so Im thinking some time after that! I’d also like to step on the scale at night so see how much it varies from my morning one the other day(remember the 148??) lol I can only hope!

have a great day!

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