APRIL 18,2011

Posted debimomof3 on April 18th, 2011 | Filed under weight loss

Poor Riley is STILL sick 🙁 No gym today, but it DID eventually dawn on me that I actually own a treadmill so I walked on that for about 20 minutes. Kinda rough on me with the pounding on my ankles & knees. So I only burned 143 calories but HEY I did do something right?!?!?

Breakfast consisted of my iced coffee(1point) and a WW english muffin(2points)

and lunch was a sandwich on a hamb bun(2points) with 2 slices of ham(2points) 1 slice WW cheese(1point) with light mayo(1point) and some parm cheese pita chips(3 points)

TOTAL FOR DAY: 12 points I have 13 left & am going to work tonight. Hopefully I can get to work fairly early to eat something


That if you drink caffinated coffee it does NOT count towards your water intake, but if you drink DEcaffinated coffee it DOES count towards water intake?

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