APRIL 17, 2011

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So, little update on yesterday(wedding day, nope not mine) I packed all nutricious snacks & a salad for lunch…By the time the wedding was underway & we were eating, I had 17 points left for the day…So, I stopped counting. I didnt gorge myself nor did I go up for 2nds but I had fun & yes I even ate some salad!LOL boy am I getting SOOOO sick of salad! This weeks goal is to MAKE better choices/meals…meaning really MAKE them…not just have a salad lol

So your probably wondering if I went to the gym on my “off” day…since I didnt go friday OR saturday! YES I did!!!! Tried something new today…uummm stretching before the eliptical (umm ya didnt know I had to) what does that mean?? yup, my legs didnt hurt hahaha!! wow, go figure!!! I burned 316 calories & walked 3.06 miles Came home…opened my windows, then made me a ham, cheese, egg beater sandwich on a nutrigrain waffle. 5 points, & 3 slices of turkey bacon(3 more points) and of course my coffe this morning(1 point)

ya speaking of coffee…I think thats where all my points went yesterday before the wedding meal! LOL and yes, my coffees are only 1 point! :O

off to clean & smell this AWESOME fresh air!!!!

Turned out I had to close my windows…lol got to windy..although it still looked beautiful out! And Riley has a stomach bug so Im really not trying to freeze her out! LOL

lunch/dinner, I wasnt that good. I have 5 broccoli bites with sour cream, some fries & half of a grilled chicken panini, it had mushrooms, onions, peppers american cheese & ranch dressing MMmmm but I had only half of it, and nothing since. I gave the other half & the rest of my fries to my son. But the KEY to not failing at this diet thing is do NOT deprive yourself! So what if you want cake! Just dont have the biggest slice! This is why we cheat & feel GUILTY! Dont do IT!

Now  my problem is to find out how to go to the gym tomorrow  with riley home. Jenna is at my sisters babysitting & joseph is at a friends sleeping over(april vaca) and if riley is still sick I cant bring her to the gym to hang out there) shit I cant bring her to the gym to hang if she was fine! or can I? they have a couch, but I just cant see that she’d stay on the couch for an hour & a half(about how long Im there) we’ll see what happens

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