APRIL 15, 2011

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~WHEW~ Long day with no internet!! Sorry guys!!

Running around doing errands today…having a bag of my daughters clothing stolen right off my steps(INSIDE the apartment building) yup, pretty awesome!

Anywhoo onto the WW stuff!

breakfast consisted of 3/4 cup egg beaters(=to 3 eggs)-3 points with 2 slices ham-2 brocolli-0 and 2 slices WW american cheese-2 WW english muffin-2 points Iced coffee-1 total 10 points for breakfast…

Went to my sisters to see the kiddies for a big & had a 2 point ch.chip cookie and another iced coffee-1

oh wait, at walmart I had a reese’s pb cup egg which was 2 points(wtf?!) had to run thru Drive thru for dinner I opted for the “grilled” chicken salad with 5 freaking point ranch dressing!! (wtf?!) good thing the salad itself was 0, and I counted the chicken too…so Im at my full 25 points and guess who’s starving?? YUP you guessed it ME!! So off Igo to the cabinet for some 94% fat free microwave POPCORN!! At a WHOPPING 0 points Im GOOOOOOD!!!! wooohoooo saved by the popcorn!!(and the crowd goes wild!)

UNFORTUNATLY I didnt make it to the gym today…and wont tomorrow either, its the big day for jenn & labbe! Yet another drag…gotta drag my ass outta bed to be at the Inn for 11am & the wedding isnt until 6 at night(eeeeeekkkkkk) Im bringing the laptop for Riley to watch movies on(she’s the flower girl) hopefully she wont be too bored.

ONe more thing before I go…..Anyone else getting this spam shit on their comments?? I mean, good thing I have to approve or disapprove comments but wtf? gets OLD! PEOPLE GET A DAMN LIFE!!!!! I dont want to hear how your son is learning SO much from reading my blog!! NO he is NOT learning fromit!! Actually…he may START learning a little about anger management when I get REALLY pissed off from you fools!

Ok, Im done ranting…have a good night!<3

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