APRIL 12, 2011

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Hope this dreery rainy day finds you all well! Woke up a little late this morning & riley & I had to rush around to catch the bus(and yes we had time for breakfast for her!) lol

Made it to the gym & want to thank NIcole(another member) AGAIN, for helping me out with some new machines! No, she’s probally not reading this & YES I did thank her myself when I was there lol but you know, if you dont know, ASK…Thats what Ive been doing right along, I ask so many questions, I feel like Im bugging all of my knowledgable friends(and now nicole hehehe) Someone commented yesterday about how I *know* so much…nope, I know NOTHING lol just learning as I go along!

So I was planning a HUGE breakfast this morning cause I hate getting hungry at work & not being able to sit down & eat something without running up & down stairs to the breakroom. Turns out its not as big as I thought it was going to be since I am doing the OLD Weight watchers, yes the old one, so anyone thats reading this & is saying to themselves thats not the right points?! she’s crazy! Well, yes I am crazy,but no not about points lol

BREAKFAST-Iced coffee with skim milk & splenda-1 point

4 servings egg beaters(equals 4 eggs)-4 points

Handful of broc in with eggs-0

2 slices WW american cheese over eggs- 2 points

WW english muffin w/icbinb* spray-1

8 points for day so far

53 ounces water so far

*(I cant believe its not butter)

WHOOOOPS!!!! Totally forgot to TELL you about the gym!

35 minutes on eliptical burned 306 calories & walked 3.07 miles

Worked 2 machines for my back fat 😉 and did my abs(2 machines

Tonight we had breakfast for dinner! MMmmmm

I had…2 nutragrain eggo waffles-2 points, 3 turkey sausages-3 points

about 5 slices turkey bacon-5 points syrup on my waffles was light & 1/4 cup for 2 points…I did NOT use that much! LOL So Im gonna give me 1 point for it

snack at night sun chips(french onion)-4 points

total for day 23

86 ounces of water today

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