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I did it in the pool! August 19, 2011

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It’s not as kinky as it sounds. That would’ve required my honey pie to be in the pool with me and ablsiter whole lot less kids out of there for that to happen. LOL.

The blister on my right foot I got when doing c25k w1d1 on Tuesday is still giving me fits. (See photo to the right and please ignore my dry heel. I really need some pampering in that area. Time for a parafin dip or something.)

As I mentioned yesterday about attempting w1d2 and not making it, I didn’t want to be deterred. I’m all about being innovative and improvising.

innovative |ˈinəˌvātiv|
(of a product, idea, etc.) featuring new methods; advanced and original

New Oxford American Dictionary

Yep. That’s me. Queen Innovator. I’ve become quite good at it, especially after I became a mom.

I figured why not just do the laps in the pool. Sure I might get dizzy going in circles but I could still get the benefits of the walking/jogging intervals. Other than not having speakers to hook my phone into and it not being very loud, it worked out pretty well. I just had Lilly stand by the ladder at the end to tell me when my beeps hit so I could start/stop jogging on time. I did start getting shin splints from the water pushing on them but once I was done, the pain went away.

The down side to working out in the pool was it was at my mom’s and I had to do it after dinner and after being on the phone with Dish network for over 30 minutes. That means we didn’t get home until after 9. I went ahead and ate my scheduled night time snack of a fiber one peanut butter chocolate brownie.  It put me at just over 1200 calories for yesterday. That was the only food I ate after 9 p.m.

I also woke up with horrible heartburn. The heartburn didn’t start until I started changing the way I’m eating. I’ve been eating the smaller portions more frequently and it’s helped. As long as I’ve eaten those snacks at bedtime, I haven’t been waking up with the heartburn. This morning, it was the worst yet. I even lay back down after chomping on Tums. Ended up falling back asleep and coming in to work late. I was already a couple of hours over that I could burn so that wasn’t a biggie. I don’t know if the extra fiber I’m adding into my diet is causing it or what. I just know that I’ve NEVER had this problem outside of being pregnant and I know that’s not the cause.

But…I do have one amazing positive! I am wearing a navy blue mini skirt I paid a buck for off the clearance rack a couple of years ago and was never able to squeeze my fat ass into complete with a red 22/24 shirt that was also too tight. Yay me!


  • Biggest Loser workout on the Wii tonight
  • C25k w1d3 workout either in my yard or in the pool if blister isn’t better.
  • A look back at the ghosts of my dieting past. I do believe I may have learned something.

A new mini-goal August 18, 2011

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My nighttime snacking has gotten severely out of control. I’m well within my calories (way under even) but I just find myself munching and munching and munching. Sometimes I’m hungry; other times it’s more the hand-to-mouth disease.

I don’t want to set a rule of no eating after a certain time because I just take that as a challenge to push the limits with a battle of will power. I suck at will power. Yeah I know Oprah said she did wonderful with no eating after 7 p.m. Hell half the time I’m not even home until 7:30 or 8 by the time I go pick up the kids from mom and dad’s and eat dinner at their house. Instead, I’m going to set myself a small mini-goal of no eating at 9 p.m. for the next week. It’s feasible for me. It has a start and stop time and if I’m hungry and I can adjust my breakfast the next morning. (Who knows I might like it so much, I will just stick with it)

I think I just freak myself out when I look at MFP and see 400 calories or whatnot leftover, especially when I workout in the evenings and it adds on the extra calories that I can have to the end of the day. I somehow feel I need to eat those extra calories.

Shoot I even had a conversation something like this with myself last night:

Me1: Wow! I’ve only had just over 1300 calories today. After adding in my exericse it shows I should have around 1830 calories. That’s still 500 calories left I could spend.

Me2: You know if you don’t spend them that’s about 1/5 of a pound less you will have to lose.

Me1: But what if I’m eating too few calories? I know I’ll go pop a 100 calorie popcorn. Yeah that sounds good to have while watching TV.

Meanwhile a bit later:

Me2: That’s only 1400 calories you’ve had today AND you’ve exercised. Don’t you think you need to stuff that face with more calories?

Me1: I’m not really hungry. I think I should go to sleep.

Me2: But you need those calories.

This would be me taking my big butt into the kitchen and grabbing out my carefully counted out apple-cinnamon quakes from the pantry and eating them to bring my calorie count to 1552 for yesterday. And you know what? My scale this morning reflected a slight gain. Not sure what it was since I keep it on the BMI on the wii fit except on Monday mornings when I officially weigh in.

I need to learn to follow my intuition and not let my inner fat foodie dictate my life. I know I love just about any kind of food and would eat 24/7. That’s not going to happen if I want to be healthy and have a few pounds fall off in the process. What have I learned? Listen to my body and no eating after 9 p.m. this week!


Well that was embarrassing August 17, 2011

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I stopped at my usual place to fill up the van with gas. I went in to pay & the lady at the counter goes “have you lost weight…” & I said yes while she was saying the lady’s name in line behind me. I was wearing a form fitting black t-shirt & thought maybe someone might notice my weight loss. I guess because my weight loss has been a gradual stair step it’s not noticeable.

On a positive note, I came across some of my clothes that I “outgrew” & packed away. With the way my current loss is going I’ll be fitting into them in no time.


Migraines are…

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Fill in the … with whatever choice word you’d like. I fear the amount of bad words I could say about them could come close to filling up my space on here so I’ll just leave it with a big ole blank. To say I hate them would be an understatement. I finally was able to see a neurologist last November/December and he prescribed me two different medications that worked wonders with controlling them. It cut them back to one cycle migraine a month. My regular doc switched me to Wellbutrin so I could take Imitrex to handle that one.

That combo worked great up until about three months ago. That would be about the same time last year that they started hitting me constantly. I pretty much had solid head pain from June until November in varying degrees.  This last checkup with my doc, she gave me a high powered pain reliever with phenergran and that’s helped immensely.

Why haven’t I gone back to the neurologist? Ha. Short version. I attempted to go back for my 3-month checkup with him in January. His office calls me the day before and cancels because I haven’t had an EEG done. WHAT? His office was supposed to have had it scheduled after I saw him initially and didn’t. They tried to schedule after they called me but had a run around with my insurance. They stayed on top of it for about a month. I got busy. Life got hectic. I didn’t have the time to keep calling and asking. I did try calling a few times to ask and never received return calls.

Now I’m without health insurance and I won’t be going back to the neurologist. I will be going back to my doc next month and will be talking options. I have 3 more months of refills on the meds I’m taking now that’s supposed to be preventing the migraines. Now that I am losing more weight they are getting better. There is a clinic in the city that offers hormone replacement therapy that I’m thinking of trying. I’m going to discuss it with her. I’ve got a cool doc who actually listens to me and my suggestions and stuff I find. I have no idea how much it will cost but hell it’s gotta be cheaper than the over $400 bucks it was going to cost me to keep my health insurance/medications.

Why the migraine rant? My monthly one hit me yesterday. It was my time, but I’ve been having them for the past month off and on I wasn’t sure if it was the one or not. I woke up at 5 a.m. in pain and reset my alarm for 5:30. Got up at 5:30 and it was gone. Did the c25k thing (see yesterday’s post for that debaucle) and came on to work. Started having some minor pain and second guessed myself and rather than going ahead and taking imitrex I just waited it out which was a HUGE mistake. I ended up having to take the pain killer and imitrex, lay down at my desk with an ice pack on my busiest day at work. It took about two hours for the pain to subside to a dull ache. Another hour or so later and it went away.

The pain returned around 8:30 last night and another round of pain killers. All of this for me to say I was too damned tired and groggy to get up this morning to exercise. I really do prefer if I’m going to exercise to do it in the mornings. It sets the tone for the day. You get it done and don’t have to worry about squeezing it in. If something comes up, I’m not feeling guilty because I didn’t get it done. I am planning to do the biggest loser workout on the Wii tonight. We’ll see.


I’m going to do it August 16, 2011

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I’m going to participate in a 5k. It’s been over 3 years since my last one and it’s time. I set a goal at the beginning of this year to start doing them again and even started the c25k program but quit early on. I won’t list all the excuses I gave myself for quitting back then. I’m sure they sounded valid enough. Now not so much. This morning I did week 1, day 1 of c25k. On the day of the RACE, I’ll be in my 5th week of c25k. The last time I did a 5k for the first time I stopped doing the program and just started jogging straight away. Not sure if I’ll do that again or ago ahead and complete the program. I’m doing this with a few of my coworkers so we’ll see how it goes.

As for the c25k this morning? I downloaded a program that beeped in my phone for when I needed to jog/walk. It worked great as long as I held my phone. I also had this program called jog tracker I used. that one was quite funny since it said I only went .02 miles. It didn’t register the number of times I went around my yard, just the one time. The c25k  counter went off when I put it in my pocket so I missed my cues. I just used the other program and jogged for 1 minute intervals and walked for 1 minute intervals until I felt myself getting a blister on my right foot. I stopped after 18 minutes. I didn’t feel like a failure. I didn’t want to harm my foot and risk not getting to do this again on Thursday.


I should be super excited August 15, 2011

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But I’m not. I’m under 300 in a long, long time. I think it was before I had Nate but I’m really not sure. I know when Jeff bought me my Wii fit I weighed more than the 330 pounds that it requires you to be. I owned it for over a year before I FINALLY got under the 330 to play with it. I actually cheated and took the carpet adjusters and it weighed me about 10 pounds less and started using it before then and when I got down enough put it back on and sucked it up and let it say I had a 10 pound gain.

Today I weighed in at 297.5. I’m under 300 pounds FINALLY and this morning it was just another day. Woohoo. Notice the joy in my typing. Really. Notice it. (Actually you should notice the sarcasm). I don’t know it’s it because I’ve done this a billion times in the past or what but it just didn’t “whip me into a frenzy” to quote a line from one of my favorite movies. This would be the weight I “started” my journey at so many times before. I guess I’m just being cautious and that’s a good thing.

So today I’m under 300 for the first time in a long time and I’ve lost a total of 55 pounds from my highest weight.


Stress upon stress upon stress August 12, 2011

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Even though stress is becoming the main focus detractor, hell I don’t know the word right now but it’s hot and heavy right now. I don’t even know where to begin but by saying that I’ve been eating under my calories and logging…for the most part. The mini vaca went well and I could’ve easily gone way off track and had it been any longer, I probably would have.

By Sunday, I stopped logging all together and started eating crappy. Got home. Refocused and got back on track. Then it was time to get the kids ready for school, meet the teachers, have storms knock out power to work, get the kids to school, have storms knock out power and water to work so I could stay home from work one day only to come in to work today to find out about my insurance situation.

In all this I haven’t turned to food! I haven’t exactly eaten the best possible choices and I’m not exercising but it is a start. Now that the first couple days of school are out of the way and the first weekend is here, I can sit down and write out a new schedule and get me in a groove.


Trust your gut August 3, 2011

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Even though I was way under on my calories and I scheduled in an evening snack, I wasn’t hungry on Monday. What did I do? I ate the snack anyway. That’s led to two nights of night time snacking. Had I listened to my inner self I would’ve just stayed way under my calories and not ate the evening snack. I am not worried about it. If tonight I have the same problem, I will start being concerned. For today, I’m okay.

Yes, this one is short, sweet and to the point. I have been super busy beyond words and will continue to be that way for the next few days as everyone gets ready for their new schedules with school. I’m continuing to plan my meals and exercise and taking it day by day.


What a wacky, wild weekend August 1, 2011

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And, I loved every minute of it. It was great to just get away from the everyday mundane super busy and get to somewhat relax. What was served at meals was out of my hands but how I reacted and what I chose was not and so I went with it and logged every bit of it. Sure I could have passed up the brownie and ice cream that was served with the barbecue dinner on Saturday but I didn’t. I also didn’t sit and fret over the calories and wage a mental battle on it. I went with the flow ate it and moved on.

I received a whole lot of information to the point of information overload but in a good way. Just have to take the time to type up all my notes so I can re-process everything. Besides the hike we took getting to the swimming pool more than made up for those calories I consumed with the brownie and ice cream. It felt good hiking even if I did get a wee bit winded but I held my own and kept up with my three companions. The swimming pool felt absolutely divine and was worth the hike.

I’m down to 304 this morning. Getting closer to being under 300. Planned out my meals last nigh for today other than dinner but still have a crapload of calories leftover for it so I’m not worried. I did over an hour of Wii fit plus last night to burn off over 300 calories. It was some goal I had set up on it to burn off that many some time ago and just never took it back off. Figured now was as good as time as any to do it again.

Other plans for this week:

  • Begin Biggest Loser on the Wii tonight
  • Continue Planning/Logging meals
  • Wii Fit every day even if it’s just the fitness test
  • Search for simple, quick and easy recipes to do once school starts back

Oh, I have found me a mini goal of sorts. These:

Size 24 shorts

They are a pair of Size 24 shorts I bought Summer 2010 and could wear because they wouldn’t fit over my fat thighs. Figured I might as well try and get some use out of them before I shrink down too small. 😀 As hot as it’s been around here, I’m sure we’re going to have hot weather until Christmas so it should be doable.


Out of sorts July 29, 2011

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And I’m feeling a bit out of sorts and frazzled. Why? I have a retreat this weekend. No kids. No husband. Just me and a lot of other girl scout volunteers. It’s going to be a great weekend but I’m just getting started and I don’t feel I’ve planned well. I’m going to just take it in stride and see what comes. I’ve logged my calories for today—what I’ve eaten and what I plan—and am still under by over 400. I’ll be at the mercy of whatever will be planned for the rest of the weekend and will just log as I go as long as I have access to my phone. If not I’ll write it down on paper and put it into the log when I get back.

Also out of sorts because I don’t have the use of my second monitor at work. Oh the horror. Me. Actually admitting I’m lost without it. It took my boss having me kicking and screaming to get the damn thing and I’ve become accustomed to having it that now that I don’t, it’s an adjustment to not have use of it. I can function with out it and it is until just Wednesday. I gave up my cable to it so another coworker could go ahead and have her new computer.

Had to change dinner plans yesterday as well. Had rotisserie chicken instead of the turkey loaf because Dad said no one called him to remind him to put it in the oven. Seriously?!?!? Men. But I adapted, adjusted and logged.

Another day down, another day planned for and looking forward to the weekend. Life is good even if it is out of sorts.


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