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Resorting to drinking and pills August 22, 2011

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It sounds so rebellious and on a downward spiral I know. I wish. My damn digestive system is still giving me horrible, horrible fits. Horrible. Throw another one in there for good measure. I really don’t know what the deal is. I make a conscience effort to eat healthier and exercise and my stomach revolts. You would think I would be hearing something like

Dawnyal, Dawnyal she’s our gal

Eating healthy’s really swell.

Broccoli and fiber’s such a treat!

All this new food is really neat!

Go Dawnyal!

But no, I get the revolt of the century and get things more along the lines of “Damn Bitch, give us back the unhealthy crap. How do you like the rolls and punches? Want more? We can give you more!!!” Yeah that’s what it’s felt like this past week. I have felt bloated, gassy, heartburn and just downright uncomfortable. Sometimes eating makes it feel better, sometimes it makes it feel worse.

Yesterday I started taking Prevacid. At least I didn’t wake up with the pain so I hope it’s a step in the right direction. Now for the drinking part. 😀 I’m doing a modified fast today to try and cleanse my system in case I have some sort of blockage. I’ve been going regularly but it hasn’t been the “S” curve consistency Dr. Oz preaches on. Without going into much detail on it, let’s just say it’s not been my regular. Today it’s V8, V8 fusion, and fruits and veggies. I know I could take the time to make my own juices but the key word there would be time. Something I’m severely limited on this week. Jeff’s birthday on Friday, party for him and youngest son on Saturday, followed by WWE Raw for the family on Monday on my five-year-old’s birthday. Not to mention I get to mow the lawn this week to prepare for said party and finish up the laundry all while squeezing in work and exercise. I’m getting tired just typing all of that.

I am going to make one of Dr. Oz’s Green Drinks for dinner tonight and depending on how I feel or how hungry I get, I may continue the liquids tomorrow. I just want my heartburn hostilities to stop. Oh and I lost Zero pounds this week despite staying under calories and exercising. Not discouraged in the least, just stating this morning’s weigh in.