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A new mini-goal August 18, 2011

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My nighttime snacking has gotten severely out of control. I’m well within my calories (way under even) but I just find myself munching and munching and munching. Sometimes I’m hungry; other times it’s more the hand-to-mouth disease.

I don’t want to set a rule of no eating after a certain time because I just take that as a challenge to push the limits with a battle of will power. I suck at will power. Yeah I know Oprah said she did wonderful with no eating after 7 p.m. Hell half the time I’m not even home until 7:30 or 8 by the time I go pick up the kids from mom and dad’s and eat dinner at their house. Instead, I’m going to set myself a small mini-goal of no eating at 9 p.m. for the next week. It’s feasible for me. It has a start and stop time and if I’m hungry and I can adjust my breakfast the next morning. (Who knows I might like it so much, I will just stick with it)

I think I just freak myself out when I look at MFP and see 400 calories or whatnot leftover, especially when I workout in the evenings and it adds on the extra calories that I can have to the end of the day. I somehow feel I need to eat those extra calories.

Shoot I even had a conversation something like this with myself last night:

Me1: Wow! I’ve only had just over 1300 calories today. After adding in my exericse it shows I should have around 1830 calories. That’s still 500 calories left I could spend.

Me2: You know if you don’t spend them that’s about 1/5 of a pound less you will have to lose.

Me1: But what if I’m eating too few calories? I know I’ll go pop a 100 calorie popcorn. Yeah that sounds good to have while watching TV.

Meanwhile a bit later:

Me2: That’s only 1400 calories you’ve had today AND you’ve exercised. Don’t you think you need to stuff that face with more calories?

Me1: I’m not really hungry. I think I should go to sleep.

Me2: But you need those calories.

This would be me taking my big butt into the kitchen and grabbing out my carefully counted out apple-cinnamon quakes from the pantry and eating them to bring my calorie count to 1552 for yesterday. And you know what? My scale this morning reflected a slight gain. Not sure what it was since I keep it on the BMI on the wii fit except on Monday mornings when I officially weigh in.

I need to learn to follow my intuition and not let my inner fat foodie dictate my life. I know I love just about any kind of food and would eat 24/7. That’s not going to happen if I want to be healthy and have a few pounds fall off in the process. What have I learned? Listen to my body and no eating after 9 p.m. this week!


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  1. sgregg Says:

    I go through the exact same thing. However, I think I’m going to just stop at 1200. My limit is a little over 1500 per day, but by 8pm if I’m already over 1200 and I’m not hungry then I’m not going to snack to get it up to 1500. So, I think we can do this together!

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