Tuesday’s Adventuring

So this summer I am working on my campus and doing office work/RA/Camp Counselor/Conference Work. It’s an odd job that has odd hours, but my coworkers are wonderful people, and therefore it is not so terrible. Well Tuesday I discovered that I needed to go buy pants for Wednesday. We have to wear black dress shoes and dress pants with our Polo shirts for special events and group check ins. On Wednesday there was both a graduation and a group check in happening, so I needed to buy pants.

Well I took the bus to what I thought was walmart. However, the bus driver took a different route, so I wound up at the terminal and in a part of Philadelphia that I don’t really feel all that comfortable in (i.e North). Well so then I spent my last two dollars to ride the bus back (I knew then I should have taken the extra money from my cash envelop before leaving my apartment). I figured that knowing my luck I wouldn’t be able to find black dress pants at walmart, so I took the bus all the way to the mall, and went to Old Navy.

I knew that I’d lost some weight this past semester (I had bought new shorts before finals week due to unseasonably nice weather), so when looking through the pants, I first grabbed one in size 16. Something was funky about those pants haha. They were super baggy at my waist/thighs, and tight at my calves. Like they tried to make a skinny jeans version of dress pants. Either way, I knew that the 16’s would not be the best for what I needed, especially since I have decided to be more active this week (you know, to try it out haha).

I went back to the rack and looked, luckily enough they had one pair of pants in 14’s, so I headed back to the dressing room to try them on. Goodness graces they fit! I can’t tell you when the last time I wore 14’s were…most likely back in elementary school to be honest.  Well after a few minutes doing a happy dance in the dressing room, texting my sisters, and admiring myself, I bought them. On my way to the cashier though I noticed a sale on active bras, so naturally I bought some of those as well.

In a way I think that the small victory of a smaller size pant has served as more encouragement for me to continue working on this body of mine, to grow stronger and more healthy.

After I had my bounty, I headed over to barnes and noble, found out I have to order a book, and then headed to mull around A.C. More. I think I have a yarn addiction haha. It’s all wonderful though 🙂 I grabbed dinner at subway in a hopes of pulling out cash for the bus, but no such luck. By then it was around seven and I needed to get back to my apartment as it had been a long day.

So I got to walking.

I’ve walked to or from the mall before, so I was not worried about anything. My only remorse was the fact that I was wearing flip flops instead of my sneakers, so every stone that got caught I had to brush off of my shoe bottom or get annoyed haha. I sent a text to one of my coworkers (we all live in the same hallway) that if I wasn’t back in two hours to call the cops, and I walked. It was a really lovely day Tuesday, and I almost wished that I could stay out more and walk, but I knew that would be a terrible Idea because I would be exhausted the next day.

When I got in, I let my coworker know that I was alive before heading to my apartment eating my Subway hoagie and  falling asleep. I had been up since seven that morning, and we all had worked the day. All in all, I’d say it was a productive day.

3 Responses to “Tuesday’s Adventuring”

  1. Congratulations fitting into smaller pants! Results are motivating and so rewarding 🙂

  2. Congrats on the smaller size! There’s nothing more motivating then SEEING & FEELING a difference in your body …even if it’s through clothing. Keep up the good work

    p.s. Now I want subway -thanks! haha jk

  3. Haha no problem!
    I love subway, and turkey sandwiches. Oh darn, Now I want a sandwich haha.
    Thank you both for the congratulations! I’m still getting the hang of this blogging thing though haha 🙂

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