Fat Vegan Over HERE!

One of my co-worker’s husband, while hanging out at our work recently, had the following short conversation with me:

“Do you want some chicken soup?”, he asked me.

“Oh no thank you, I’m vegan”, I answered giggily.

“You’re vegan? So you don’t eat any animal products?”, he asked.

“Yes, I am, I try and stay away from all animal products”, I replied.

“So then, then…*awkward pause* why are you so fat? Arent’s Vegans supposed to be skinny?!”, he asked, not a hint of candidness in his voice.

I was speechless… I simply replied “NO!” and walked away. Talk about awkward turtle the rest of the day!

So with that, I’m here to say: PEOPLE OF THE WORLD!!!! NOT ALL VEGANS ARE STICK THIN!!!!!!

That little encounter above really did a number on me…especially because I was a new vegan and was happily riding a 7 pound weight loss high. Talk about kicking the stool from right under you! The worst part was that I was wearing black leggings with this 80’s type, off the shoulder top….I was thinking I looked fly and not even an hour into my shift…BAM!  

I guess I should introduce myself and give a little background- the name’s dani…. hence the “danichick” username, which I’m sure all three of you who are actually taking the time to read my blog (thank you by the way, hope I’m not boring you too badly) figured out! I’m 23 years old and have been fat most of my life. I remember being six or seven, yup, that’s right, I wasn’t even in the double age digits yet- when I started trying to lose weight. I remember my first round of stretch marks (ugh) like it was just yesterday- I was in the drive-thru with my mom when she handed me my happy meal and as I reached over to grab it, she completely flipped and all I heard was an “OMG” followed by her grabbing my arm (not in a bad way) and staring at my upper arm. I had absolutely no clue what was going on- all I knew was that I wanted to find out so badly what toy I had gotten in my meal (it was a “workout” Barbie toy with a pink and green outfit on a bike…..talk about irony…in case you were wondering). I just remember my mom telling me that those strange, pink squiggly looking scars on my upper arms were called stretch marks. Ughhh. Those digusting little marks have continued to plague me 16 years later.

Anyway, since about that age I have tried every type of weight loss diet out there- you name it, I’ve probably tried it! Weight Watchers, Atkins, Calorie Counting, Master Cleanse, etc. My parents always wanted me to adapt a healthier lifestyle so they had me in track and field, cross-country, tennis, tap, ballet (as if it wasn’t bad enough being a fat ten-year old- imagine a fat ten-year old in a tutu!!!!! omg), and everything else you could imagine. And by the way, I was always last in track and field and cross-country. I remember one time, in cross-country, they thought all the runners had made it back and had started to clean-up the finish area (it was the last meet of the day) when lil ole chunky me came around the corner…. I felt like it was the Olympics at the time with the way people were cheering me on and my mom was even in tears (only when I was older I’d fully realize how worried and scared she had been). Looking back, it was so embarassing.

Fast forward a few years… I hit high school, where I watched an animal cruelty documentary and decided that I didn’t want to eat anything with a face anymore, so I adapted a vegetarian lifestyle. You’d think I’d lose weight, right?! WRONG!!!! I didn’t…I simply ate more of the bad stuff…. donuts, cheesy pizza, you name it. It was DELICIOUS. Fast forward some more…I started college at (163- I remember…it’s a weight I have been trying to get back to in forever)… graduated at 192. Freshman 15? Try Freshman 30 and more. Fast forward a few more years, and I’m sitting here blogging about my past experiences… Since taking up a vegan lifestyle (and I have fallen off the bandwagon a few times….cheese pizza being my downfall), I have continued to lose weight…slowly but surely. I stopped stressing about losing x amount of weight by this time…bc after doing that hundreds of time, I’d always get bummed out and never stick to it. I have countless of journals (ranging from age 7/8 and onwards). I’m hoping that this blog deal will help anyone in my same boat and vice versa. Life’s too short and goes by too fast for us to be spending so much time stressing out about our weight! I know I’ve dedicated more than 16 of my 23 years to it…. and it sucks!!!

So, with that, I’m signing off for now…


dani chick

“the fat vegan”