Progress pic!!

I’m excited to share this because it kinda looks like I’m starting to get an hour glass shape… how exciting. — I don’t remember ever having an hour glass shape.  Those are the same pants, they are definitely gettin’ saggy in the butt.  I’m gonna keep ’em around though and wear them with a belt.  No point in wasting money on a size 16 when that’s not where I wanna stop!  I’ve done pretty ok with food  lately, I’m still not counting calories, but I’m not doing second helpings of anything and I’m still trying to keep under my carb limit which is 150g per day.  That’s hard considering how much of a carbivore I am.  So far I’m 14lbs down and I couldn’t be happier… if I keep working at it, I can make my x-mas goal of making it to onederland!  I also joined a new challenge for Valentines day and I’m hoping to make it to 185 by then.  That’s 14 weeks and 29 pounds… hopefully I won’t tapper off after I hit 199.

Hope everyone else is doin’ alright and attempting to stay OP!  STAY STRONG, we can so do it!!

Day 5 of 30!

I’m baaaaack!  Haha, I didn’t do so hot eating wise today, but I did work out with the 30DS and I’m completely wiped.  I really do enjoy exercise, and I hope that I can get back to exercising 5-6 days a week!

About the boy… nothing has happened except his immediate attention to me has let me know that I am worth it, and I wanna work harder to get this extra weight off.  Maybe the next time I see him, he’ll see even more of a difference… and be wishin’ he had gotten in touch with me!  Muahaha!  I didn’t weight this morning (I hid my scale, out of sight — out of mind) but I’m also on TOM so that hopefully I’ll drop a pound or 2 after it’s over.  Yay!

Glad I’m back!  Until tomorrow, STAY STRONG!

What a weekend…

In which I didn’t really stay on plan. :/ (as a side note, this is more life bloggy than diet bloggy… I apologize for that, but this blog is kinda both for me!) Friday night my school hosted a Harry Potter Palooza which was a blast… it was like a mini con that I didn’t have to pay for.  It was so much fun.  Saturday I went to the OU/KSU game and I was on TV twice — my aunt had to call my grandma and tell her how good I’m looking now.  w00t!  After the game I went to my friends Halloween party and that’s where my diet really turned south because I had alcohol, and I really have been trying to stay away from the alcohol.  But ya gotta let loose every now and then, and lemme tell ya… put alcohol in me and my shell is completely gone.  I kinda spent the night kissin’ this guy, who luckily for me wasn’t a complete stranger… although I’m not sure if that makes it better.  Anywho, he wanted me to stay the night with him (um, no no… bad idea) and he said that he’d add me on facebook so that I could call him… I jokingly was like, go ahead thinking more than likely he wouldn’t remember who I was… lo and behold he added me yesterday.  That obviously means he’s interested right?  I was really leaving it up to whether or not he was going to add me, and then when he did I had to formulate a new plan for myself… haha.  I can’t go on thinking that he was only interested in me because he was drunk.  That’s my defense mechanism, and it’s a sucky one.  Anywho, I sent him a message on facebook being friendly and a little flirty so we’ll see where it goes from there! 🙂

Oh, one thing about this guy is that I met him about 2 years ago.  We weren’t close at all (he was friends with one of my roomies at the time) when I walked into the party, he didn’t even recognize me.  When I told him that we did in fact know each other, he told me that I looked really different.  Taking that for the compliment it was (obviously, cause I spent all night kissin’ him) I decided to look back at pictures from my first year at college.  I can really see the difference, and this whole experience has been eye opening for me… I’ve always been shut off from male attention because of my weight.  When I was younger my grandma used to tell me that I’m so pretty and when I lose weight, I’d get a boyfriend.  That really stuck with me, thinking that I wasn’t worthy of a relationship because I was overweight.  She didn’t intentionally do that to hurt me, it was her way of encouraging me… unfortunately the opposite happened and I’ve been kinda handicapped when I came to men.  Anyway, enough of that… lol, I’m anxious to see if he messages me back.  If not, I hope that I can take this as a confidence booster, and not let it get me down and depressed!  😀

Hopin’ I can get back on plan… like tomorrow –I’m comin’ back to you Jillian!!  I am still your bitch! 😉  Until tomorrow, STAY STRONG!!


I lost some motivation this week.  I’m not sure why, because I *know* that I am doing to right thing for my body.  But at the beginning of this journey I just KNEW this was it.  I could actually picture next summer and how I was going to be thinner and healthier and for some reason, I lost that picture.  I’m going to try and work around my loss of motivation… because I know what I want… even if I can’t see it at this point.

Along with the loss of motivation I haven’t worked out for the last 2 days… mostly because my roommate has the hini and I’m taking nyquil like I drink my water (ok, not a good analogy since I’m not doing well with my water intake) but I’m seriously taking a crap-ton of nyquil trying to head off this nasty disease.  I will exercise tonight though!!  And the rest of the weekend, I’m determined to get my motivation back!!

Until tomorrow, STAY STRONG, we can do it!!

OH great…

My roommate has the swine… I really don’t need to get sick.  Not only will it not help with school, but I’m scared that when I’m sick and obviously not working out I’m scared that I’ll get off my workout schedule and lose some stamina.  I’m crossin’ my fingers that I don’t catch it.

I had my first test with Halloween candy today and I failed miserably.  My art therapy teacher passed out candy and I ate m&ms… I’m so bad!  I got a new scale today and it says that I’m 219.4 which pushes me up 4 lbs from where I thought I was on the old scale.  It shouldn’t discourage me because I’m still down from where I was the last time I went to the doc, but it’s still depressing when I actually thought I was doing better than I actually am.  But I need to keep telling myself that this is a lifelong journey and not just a quick fix. 🙂  I did 30min of cardio today plus day 3 of the 30DS.  I’m wiped so I’m going to sleep now!

Until tomorrow, STAY STRONG, we can do it!

30DS –That’s right!

I am Jillian’s bitch!

I started the 30 day shred yesterday and holy cow.  My body is sore all over, but I must say I feel great because I know I’m doing the right thing for my body.  I’m gonna look like a million bucks by the end of this journey and feel even better!

I did semi ok today, I kinda splurged a little at Chili’s I had a couple of bites of chocolate cake… but I’m allowed that every once in a while. 🙂  I’m still having problems getting enough water in… I don’t know how to fix that problem… I have a cup of water next to me at all times, I just don’t think to drink it.  That’s still a work in progress.

Ok, I’d like to preface this by saying that I’m not really the kind of person to rub things in other people’s faces… but — a couple of years ago my aunt started weight watchers and she was doing great… I’m very supportive of people when they are dieting, but this crazy woman started sending her clothes to me thinking they would fit me.  At the time, I was a size 18, and the clothes she was sending were a size 22.  I’m glad to know that she thinks I’m that big.  Anyway, the other day I called my grandma to tell her about fitting into the size 14 jeans cause I *knew* she’d tell my aunt.  She did, and now my aunt is jealous and wants to start her diet again!!  Haha, size 22 my ass!! 😀  It’s so good to be an inspiration though.  I’ve had 3 friends so far tell me that since I’ve started this journey, they want to do it with me… they are inspired that I exercise as much as I do and I motivate them to exercise too.  It’s such a good feeling, I really can’t wait to put up my success story on 3FC and be an inspiration to someone like me just starting their journey next summer!

Well, until tomorrow ladies!  STAY STRONG!

*edit*  Make that 4 friends!  Another of my friends joined 3FC last night, and now we’re all in this together!

Day _ haha, I’ve forgotten the day.

I had a bad day yesterday and I’m still frustrated about it.  I ate like 2 french fries and started having chest pains.  I swear my mind is messed up.  I start having panic attack when eating what I know is bad for me… I suppose that it can help me right now to get on the right path eating better and such.  But it still sucks.

I’ve been doing well with my food intake.  I’m still not counting calories… just kind of guesstimating. I’m so bad at keeping up with counting calories.  But I know that I’m not eating more than what I’m supposed to be eating.  I’m definitely taking a break from exercise tonight, I did really well this week and worked out 4 days in a row.  Last night I was so tired after only doing the first half mile.  With that being said, I want to try the 30 day shred with Jillian Michaels.  I’ve heard good things about it, especially that it builds stamina and muscles!  Tone me down please!! 😀

Until tomorrow, STAY STRONG, we can do it!!

Outfit of the Week

I’m adopting this idea from another 3FC member because I think it’s a great idea to keep me motivated.  Motivation is KEY to my success (as are supportive people, but we’ll get to that in a min).

Yeah, so this dress with a cute pair of shoes… I’d wear it EVERYDAY!

Ok, onto blogging… I did fairly well today.  No binging.  I did the protein shake this morning, which if I’m going to continue drinking those I’m gonna get chocolate next time… the strawberry ones are kinda funky tasting.  I still need to get better and getting more fruits and veggies in.  Anywho, I also did my exercise today (with weights) and I’m feeling SO good.

I’m going to vent hardcore about my roommate for a minute.  I would like to point out that the major reason she is like this is because she’s jealous.  But I digress…. so I think the best way to describe this person is to say that she always has to make herself the better person in every situation.  It doesn’t matter what she says to put you down, as long as she’s the one who looks better.  For example… I told her that if I lost all my boobs while dieting I’d really consider getting a boob job, and she immediately was like OH, I’d never do that because (insert reason here).  Instead of being supportive, she immediately makes it a bad thing because she wouldn’t do it.  She’s done this to me my whole life, so it shouldn’t keep pissing me off… but alas, it does.  Anyway, I went into her room this morning saying that I was going to have to break down and go get a smaller pair of pants.  The ones I have now are stretch and after only 5min of wearing them had fallen in the crotch area a couple of inches.  Now I may be premature in wanting to fit into smaller clothes (the size 14 jeans for example) but I want to keep myself motivated, and so far that is working.  So I pulled up the shirt I was wearing to pull them up, and she was like, um those look a little tight on you.  Um, thanks… that’s really helpful since I’ve been wearing these pants for a year.  Anyway, I just feel like she’s being very unsupportive (which is apparently not a word) in my weight loss journey.  It helps to have support and no matter how many people are there to support me, the one negative person always plays front and center in my mind.

I won’t let her stop me from my ultimate goal, because as I’ve learned I am the only one in control of this body.  I need to do this for me and not for anyone else!!  So there!! 😀

Until tomorrow ladies, STAY STRONG, we can do this!!

Day 14

Today was a good day.  Well let me preface this by adding what happened yesterday.  I got my midterm back, and made a 99 on it… On top of that my roommate who had the gastric bypass and currently wears a size 14 gave me a pair of jeans that are a little too big for her.  I’m currently in a size 18, and those thankfully are starting to become too big… I thought what the hell, I’m gonna try these pants on.  AND GUESS WHAT?!  They fit… very snug, but I was able to button and zip them.  I even wore them to class last night!  Now I just need to keep workin’ on the stubborn belly fat AKA muffin top, and I can actually look good in a size 14.  I can’t even remember wearing a size 14.  So exciting!

So today I went grocery shopping and bought only healthy things… no temptations!  I bought the special K protein shakes and meal replacement bars to help me get breakfast in every morning because that is my biggest problem.  Especially with my new thyroid medication, I HAVE to eat about half an hour after taking that pill every morning… so it’s best I get in the habit.  My roommate and I have been working out together and it’s great to have someone to tell me to get off my ass and exercise with her.  😀  I always feel so much better afterward, why didn’t I start this sooner?!  I just need to keep it up and by this time next year, I can be smokin’!!

Until tomorrow ladies (and gents if you read this) STAY STRONG, we can do it!

Day 13

I’ve been neglecting my blog… bad me.

Going home really screws up my diet.  I hope that when I move back home for good I’m so established in my new lifestyle that it won’t get messed up.

This weekend was entertaining.  Chelle and I hung out every day, and I apologize for being such a temptation to you… I know I’m irresistible!  We went to see Paranormal Activity this weekend, and while it was kinda scary (my over active imagination helped me to not be able to fall asleep) it was kinda boring in the documentary sense.  Then we went to a party and I spent time with my future husband!!  Lol, not really but this guy has the perfect personality for me. 🙂 Now I know what my picky self wants out of a guy.  I hope that with my new found confidence I’ll be gaining with every pound lost, I can finally obtain a great guy like that instead of the duds I’ve been finding lately.

I’m down to 219.4 according to my mom’s scale at home.  That’s almost 10 lbs gone!!  I also bought a new walking video that I absolutely love.  I’m definitely working out tonight!

Until next time, STAY STRONG, we can do it!

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