Had a loss but time to move on….

Posted by cleancowgirl on June 14th, 2012 |Filed Under Uncategorized | Leave a Comment

I have not post for a while my mare and foal took a turn for the worse at the vets and both ended up passing.  The foal had an infection and we just had to put him down and my mare ended up colicking and passing last weekend as well.  It almost was enough for me to just hang up the towel and after crying for over a week decided to get over it.  My diet has totally gone to the wolves and now after having all the comfort food I can stand decided to straighten up or just might as well forget it.  For non horse people this may be hard to understand, I have lost dogs, cats but to have a horse for over 8 years and raise it from a young 6 month old filly,  it is almost like losing a human child.  I have lived and breathed horses ever since I can remember and need to have them in my life. Besides I still have a gelding at home that needed me to be there since he lost his mate.  I was going to wait before I got another horse but my boss told me of a great mare he knew was for sale at a terrific price.  The girl who owns it is leaving for grad school in august and wants a loving home for her mare and he knew I needed to get a horse to get over my tragedy.  At first I was not sure but tonight think I could really love this mare, she sent me several videos and pictures and the price is a steal at 1200 and cowboy my gelding really needs another companion.

Tommorow I restart getting back to my life, eating clean and feeling alive again too much to live than grieving, it will just bring us down.

To those that read my blog thank you, your posts gave me the courage to get off my butt and start over.


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