Week one day one and a quiet day at the barn.

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Yesterday was my first day and I did quite well and so far loving it.  I’m sure it was helpful that I was busy.  I’m getting ready to start a new job, I am a nurse.  I got my tb skin test done, filled out some papers and start my new job on monday.  It is a rehab facility alot different from the cardio pulmonary nurse but less stressful and only 5 min from home.  Actually within walking distance if I am inclined to some exercise.    I did some grocery shopping, picked up some new scrubs and then went to the barn to check on my horses.  Usually the barn is bustling with activity but it was quiet.  The owners were away at an auction and the rest were out of town at the aqha show this weekend as showing season kicks off.

My preggo mare is as big as ever as we wait for the blessed event, poor thing looks uncomfortable.  I took my gelding cowboy for a ride and groomed up some of the rescue horses who ache for attention.  By the time I left the barn owner called me and told me she was running late and asked if I could feed the horses.  I miss feeding time such a feeling of satisfaction listening to my mare crunching her grain.  Then home cooked dinner and went to avenger movie with hubby.  I was so proud of myself, no popcorn soda.  I had some green tea in my bag and was totally satisfied.  Then came home and had fresh strawberries for dessert.  My reward hitting the 240’s.

Weight is 249 lbs bmi 40.4


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