Long weekend

Wow, coming home after a vacation weekend and not having a scale to answer to is hard! I have become so reliant upon the scale to determine whether to chastise or reward myself after a fun time that I don’t really know what to do with myself.  Instead, I’ll have to just mark it up as a fun time and move on. 

It was a great weekend with good friends, so-so food choices and too much beer.  I managed to still track everything though and it turned out a lot better than I expected.

Because of the vacation, week 1 of my challenge fell short of goal:

New Year’s Goal status – week 1

  • 700 crunches per week  – 350 completed
  • 200 minutes of cardio per week – 135 complered
  • weights 3x per week – 2 completed
  • weekly calorie intake not to exceed 9,000 (to be cycled over the 7 days) – 9,806 eaten

On to week 2 and nothing is going to get in my way…

November 2

I felt great yesterday.  Got a lot of exercise in and ate really well.  I am noticing that I am able to concentrate better at work and am not getting as easily distracted.  I really think this has to do with the modifications I’ve made to my eating. 

  • Breakfast:  Subway english muffin with ham and avocado
  • Lunch: Leftover salmon and broccoli (co-workers LOVED me for heating that up in the break room)
  • Dinner: lean top sirloin, sauteed zucchini and grilled portabellos
  • Dessert: greek yougrt with cheescake Jello pudding and raspberries – YUM!!!

Leaving tomorrow morning for a three day weekend with my honey.  Bike rally in Galveston.  Luckily, we are renting a house so I will be able to prepare my own food in the morning and evening but, there will definitely be some eating from street vendors and drinking.  I’ve skimped on calories all week because I knew this was coming but, I will keep tracking my food so that I don’t derail too drastically.

New Year’s Goal status – week 1

  • 700 crunches per week  – 225 completed
  • 200 minutes of cardio per week – 75 complered
  • weights 3x per week – 2 completed
  • weekly calorie intake not to exceed 9,000 (to be cycled over the 7 days) – 3,070 eaten

November 1

Yesterday was the first day that I have felt that eating well was more of a habit and I didn’t have to strain not to snack or cheat.  I even passed on tots when we stopped at Sonic for late dinner for the boys. Yay me!

Instead I had:

  • Breakfast – cinnamon swirl oatmeal
  • Lunch – ham, jack cheese and an apple
  • Snack – 2 rice cakes with peanut butter
  • Dinner – salmon and broccoli

Total cal – 988 (really low but, I am saving up for this weekend’s trip)

New Year’s Goal status – week 1

  • 700 crunches per week  – 100 completed
  • 200 minutes of cardio per week – 30 complered
  • weights 3x per week – 1 completed
  • weekly calorie intake not to exceed 9,000 (to be cycled over the 7 days) – 2,098 eaten

New Year’s Challenge

Day 1 of my New Year’s challenge.  Until 12/31, I am challenging myself to meet the following goals weekly:

  • 700 crunches per week
  • 200 minutes of cardio per week
  • weights 3x per week
  • weekly calorie intake not to exceed 9,000 (to be cycled over the 7 days)

If all goes well, my goal is to fit into my size 8 DKNY jeans that I love for New Year’s Eve.  I am not focusing on a weight for the next few months.  In fact, I am getting rid of the scale and only allowing myself to weigh on December 2 and again on December 31.

So, here are my starting #s.  I’ll weigh and measure again on December 2.

weight = 169.2


Left thigh = 23.5

Right thigh = 23.5

Hips = 41.25

Waist = 31.5

Chest (bra band) = 33.25

Bust = 36.75

Left arm = 12.75

Right arm = 13

I took pictures, too and will be taking pictures every Sunday night going forward.  Now I just have to figure out how to load them somewhere. 🙂


And, again…

I have hit the three week point without much momentum to show.  I’ve stuck with my eating correctly and logging my food. I’ve stuck with my workouts. The only thing that I originally committed to and haven’t followed through on is journaling.

This morning, as I was getting ready to throw the scale out of the bedroom window, I actually had the thought “I wish I had someplace to express how aggravated I feel right now”. Oh wait, I do…

So, here we go again…

Despite my meltdown this morning, my food choices have been good – although I nearly  had to wrestle myself away from the whoopie pies this morning.  A MAJOR accomplishment for me having been in a bad mood.  A few weeks ago I would have given myself complete permision to have one, and then probably stopped and got another one on the way home since I’d already blown it for the day. It’s time I start recognizing these little steps for what they are.  🙂

Breakfast: Quaker Cinnamon Swirl oatmeal (first oatmeal I have found that I really enjoyed!!!)

Morning snack: 1/2 cup Kashi Go Lean with a Dannon L&F raspberry yogurt

Lunch: Leftover baked chicken with mushrooms and red peppers 

Dinner: 2 slices pizza scarfed before trick-or-treating

Exercise: 7 minutees bike warm-up, 30 minutes weights (abs, back. legs), 30 minutes elliptical

…Overall a good day, even with the pizza. 🙂

Hello world!

One week ago today, I started my journey on getting healthy and getting happy with my body.  This  blog is going to serve as my journal and is purely for giving me a place to voice my thoughts, accomplishments and struggles.  But, of course, I welcome any and all feedback.

My long-term goals: run a 5k (followed by a 10k and eventually a half-marathon), reach 140 lbs., fit into my gorgeous size 6 wedding dress.

One week down – and I’ve lost 3.1 pounds. Not a huge milestone but the scale is moving in the right direction.  This weekend was rough… seems like I spent a lot of time figuring out how to make these changes fit into my life than actually focusing on the changes.  I kept my calorie intake low but it was in very few meals, rather than several health concious meals. And I got out moving each day – a three mile walk Friday evening, three mile run/walk Saturday morning and a seven mile bike ride on Sunday.

Here goes the rest of the journey….