My dieting victories and mishaps…

Today is day 4 of exercising. I have muscles aching that I’d forgotten existed. I have been doing the exercise video every evening and today I did 10 minutes on my gazelle and the 8 minute beginner workout on my Abdo-er as well. Yes…all these things are dated but they are what I have so I’m utilizing them…..and boy can I feel it. I also tried planking on my forearms yesterday as advised by a physical therapist I work with. It was the longest 55 seconds of my life. So..there you have it…I’ve been good…so far. I’m eager for the soreness to subside soon though. 🙂

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Late Entry for 6/12/13:

Okay….so I didn’t REALLY feel the burn BUT I did finish a 40 min stretching and strengthening video that Kathy Ireland put out in the 90’s…. I used to do it daily (along with cardio and speed walking 5 miles) in my better days…. aka… the early 2000’s. So I started with JUST the video. And it felt good….really, it did. My intention is to keep this up daily. My dilemma is whether I want to get up early and get it over with in the mornings….OR keep doing it after work. Decisions, decisions. 😛

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Starting Wt: 321.6 lbs

Last week: 266.4 lbs

This week: 263.8 lbs

Wt lost this week: 2.6 lbs

Total Wt Loss: 57.8 lbs

Another week just flew by…where did it go?? …work, home, kids and …blip… here I am again weighing in. Down 2.5 lbs. Not bad. I NEEEED to start exercising. I know this. I will resolve to begin tonight after work. Yes…I finally said it… I hope it sticks. 😀

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Starting Wt: 321.6 lbs

Last week: 268.8 lbs

This week: 266.4 lbs

Wt lost this week: 2.4 lbs

Total Wt Loss: 55.2 lbs

Here I am….one week into my 4th month on this Weight Loss Journey. I am lamenting yet again…. I know, that I know, that I know that 2.4 pounds in a week for wt loss is GOOD. I understand there are varying factors that influence the wt loss total… diet, adherence to diet, hydration, elimination regularity, activity… okay, okay…. but I get a little tiny bit frustrated when I don’t see large numbers lost and KNOW that I haven’t cheated…not once…even a little teeny tiny bit. I suppose as the wt comes off…the amount lost will also decrease per week. I also know that I NEED to start incorporating an exercise routine because I am SURE this would boost the wt loss. But I AM a procrastinator…I want to change this… but like Scarlett O’Hara….I always reside to just “think about that tomorrow.”

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Starting Wt: 321.6 lbs

Last week: 273.8 lbs

This week: 268.8 lbs

Wt lost this week: 4.8 lbs

Total Wt Loss: 52.8 lbs

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.   That is what I am feeling this morning.  There are three milestones that have been looming in my weight loss journey.  The numbers are pretty high so they wouldn’t mean anything exciting to anyone but me. So let me explain.

256 lbs …. how much I weighed when I got pregnant with my first child…my son.  I was 24 yrs old.

205 lbs …. what I weighed after my six week check up following the birth of my second child, my oldest daughter.  I was 31yrs old.

270 lbs … what I weighed when I got pregnant with my last child…my baby girl. I was 34 years old.

As you can see… I have been over weight my entire adult life (my WHOLE life really)… but these were momentous times for me.  Times when I felt vibrant, optimistic, and frankly….desirable.  Back in February of this year…ANY of these milestones seemed SOOO far away…unattainable, really. This fact made my goal of 170lbs seem even that much more out of my reach.  But today, as I stepped on the scales…and it weighed LESS than 270… My mind began to calculate and my hopes began to soar.  268 is ONLY 12lbs from my next milestone….I CAN DO THAT! And then I thought… 256lbs is not too far from 205lbs.  “Look how far you’ve come in 4 months, Lanna,” I told myself, “52.8 lbs in 4 months…. surely you can go another 63lbs by Christmas!”  I became and still am quite excited.  Perhaps 63 lbs more in 8 months is unrealistic but for me, now, it’s certainly a possibility and that is incredible in my book!!

This year I will turn 42 years old…but I feel like so much of my life is JUST beginning.  I feel like I am making positive changes, REAL changes in my life, my diet…. I have come to realize lately that I am NOT on a diet…I have slowly made a lifestyle “dietary” change…that I intend to stick.  This has not been easy…but most days it’s getting EASIER to stick with…the cravings are fewer and far-er between (Thank the good Lord!) and I find myself really enjoying my meal times… Really Liking the food I have prepared for myself.

Okay…okay…enough gushing.  I am just so thankful for the progress I have made…for the encouragement of my family and friends and the comfort and strength I draw from the Lord.  😀

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Yes….you heard me right….Cabbage is my new addiction. Stop screwing up your face in a doubtful scorn and just read on for a moment…. 😉

It started a couple of weeks ago when my brother brought over some pulled pork and cabbage wedges he had made on the grill  for me and my kids for dinner (He’s awesome that way 🙂   I have always liked the cabbage he prepares this way, but honestly…PRE-Diet…I would zone in more on the delicious baked beans and French bread slices that would normally accompany such meals to REALLY appreciate the beauty of this cabbage dish.  It takes on the grilled smoky deliciousness that is also lent to the meat he prepares and it’s lip smacking good.  I tried to make this dish myself in the oven….and…well…it wasn’t bad but it just wasn’t my brother’s dish either.

Another thing to mention here is that in the oven…it takes about 3hrs to cook….and if it’s not a weekend meal I just don’t have that kinda time on my hands.  So I began to try cooking it on the stop top. No, not the tired old boiled cabbage that comes to mind, but in a skillet.  It has taken a few times of trial and error but I think I have FINALLY found MY cabbage niche. 😀   I haven’t taken the time to measure things out but roughly I put 1/4 C low sodium chicken broth in a skillet with 2 TBSP Butter…add about a cup and a half to two cups of chopped cabbage.  I add a little salt, pepper, cumin, onion powder, garlic powder and sometimes a little cayenne pepper.  I let this cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes, then I add two chopped green onions and about 1TBSP of real bacon bits.  I cook for another 5-10 minutes until it is starting to become translucent.  During the cook time, if it looks a little dry, I add a splash more of chicken stock to keep it from burning.   I can not begin to impart how yummy a treat this has been to add to my standard “meat and salad” dinner.  I have had it nightly for a week and even found myself GOOGLING “is cabbage really good for you” because I feel like I MUST be doing something BAD…it tastes that good.  😀

This afternoon, for lunch, I made the kids breakfast burrito’s (homemade)… and I usually make myself an omelet with a handful of spinach…. Today, though….I made my cabbage concoction (only using half as much of everything) right at the end of the cook time, I added my handful of spinach to wilt down and I must say…. WOW …. was it a tasty omelet.

So…there you have it…my new secret (and now not so secret) addiction.  Cabbage.  Give it a try.  I honestly believe you will not regret it.

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Starting Wt: 321.6 lbs

Last week: 273.8 lbs

This week: 273.6 lbs

Wt lost this week: 0.2 lbs

Total Wt Loss: 48 lbs

Let me start by saying after completing almost 4 full months of Low Carb dieting I am proud of myself. Proud that I have lost 48 lbs and frankly proud I have stuck with it. I am learning to like the change in my eating habits. Admittedly I think about a Big Mac or Brownies from time to time but I don’t obsess over them.
Instead I have been obsessing over the scales…which I don’t think is such a good thing. I have been weighing morning and night and the ups and downs are driving me batty. I have got to stop. I’ve thought about switching to just once a week but I’m not sold on that yet either.

I was hoping for better weight loss this week…I haven’t cheated AT ALL. But I also haven’t stayed as hydrated as usual…and Aunt Flo dropped in Saturday and is still hanging out :P. So…I am blaming the slow loss on water retention and decided I’m just not gonna beat myself up over it.

Okay….four months down and eight to go. 😀 Wish me luck and sticking power.

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Starting Wt: 321.6 lbs
Last week: 278.8 lbs
This week: 273.8 lbs
Wt lost this week: 5 lbs
Total Wt Loss: 47.8 lbs

I am so happy with my weight loss this week.  I am doing the same ole same ole as the past 2-3 weeks, pretty much trying hard to keep hydrated and not snack….so far it is working well again.  I seem to be moving along nicely.  🙂  It has been a fairly decent week in terms of cravings….not alot.  I bought a jar of Smuckers Natural Peanut Butter over the weekend (I haven’t had any in about 2-3 weeks) but I still haven’t opened the jar yet.  I LOVE to eat a tablespoon of peanut butter with a snack cup of sugarfree chocolate pudding.  ….the problem is….I recently read that the “sugar free” pudding ACTUALLY has 6 grams of carbs…pair that with the 4-6 grams (depending on serving size) of peanut butter and I am adding a WHOPPING 10-12 grams in a SNACK…. a SNACK!!  I truly believe this is what stalled my progress a couple weeks ago when I was having this snack almost nightly.  Perhaps I will pick up some celery from the store and if the peanut butter cravings get too bad I will eat some on celery….I used to love this snack as a child.

So there you have it….week 14. Three weeks into my 3rd month….wow.   Time has been FLYING by since starting this diet….busy with work, busy with kids…I think this has helped.

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Weigh In for: 5/8/13

Starting Wt: 321.6 lbs
Last week: 281.0 lbs
This week: 278.8 lbs
Wt lost this week: 2.2 lbs
Total Wt Loss: 42.8 lbs

This has been a good week.  Nothing really to say diet wise….not too stressed with cravings….which has been good.  I think about putting more diversity in my diet, but then I get a little scared that if I do..if I open myself up to different foods (less strict dietary regulations…self imposed, mind you) …Do I run the risk of falling apart and pigging out on “forbidden” foods? …Soooo…I stick with the familiar…the regimental breakfast, lunch, dinner.  It’s getting a little boring but I am still seeing results so I am pleased with that.  😀

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Starting Wt: 321.6

Last week: 288.4 lbs

This week: 281.0  lbs

Wt lost this week: 7.4 lbs

Total Wt Loss: 40.6 lbs

I was very satisfied when I stepped on the scales this morning…. 7.4 lbs lost this past week.  I cut out the evening snack (which, honestly, was harder than I thought it’d be) and stuck to just an Atkins shake for breakfast, a bar for lunch and sometimes an afternoon snack and an Atkins Frozen dinner for supper.

I also got some of those strips to check for Ketones in the urine and I tested last night before I went to bed and it showed moderate ketones. I honestly am not a pro on the Ketogenic Diet but I know when they are present that means you are burning fat so I am EXCITED.  Now I just want to stay in that zone. 😀  I do plan to do some reading on Ketogenic diets and look for pointers as well over on 3FC threads… I remember seeing some threads there when I was perusing a while back.

This dieting is hard work! :/  But I feel like I am reaping the rewards from my efforts when I see weight loss like I did today.  YAY ME!!

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