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Bad rant ahead. Just weighed in yesterday and I was a pound heavier. WTH. I am so mad at the fact that anytime I eat rice, I end up paying for it in poundage. WHy the hell can I not eat rice! I’m from the Islands, that is the staple in the philippines yet everytime I see other filipino women they’re all skinny. Aaaargh!

What is the matter with me. Metabolically speaking I just can’t get it together and I’m running out of t ime and ideas. I don’t want bariatric surgery. The thought doesn’t appeal to me at all. I don’t want to die soon either.

I hate it. I hate everything. I hate myself. I have had it. Obviously, I have a major personality disorder since I cannot seem to get this weight under control. I feel like putting myself in a self-induced food coma right now. How frustrating is it to promise yourself to lose weight every year and every year just see yourself heavier.  Aaargh!!!  

May 11th, 2010 at 12:27 pm
3 Responses to “Aaargh!!!”
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    round Says:

    Hey there, take a breath.

    It’s just one pound, no big deal, right?

    I have some foods that puff me up too – and last year I started to cut way back on all carbohydrates & I found to my surprise that it wasn’t hard at all – I liked the foods I ate more of, and I LOVED that hunger went away. I still eat fairly low carb pretty much all the time and it’s been a big shift for me.

    I don’t think you have a personality disorder – getting weight under control is wickedly hard, and I don’t know why that is not BROADCAST everywhere.

    Hang in there – there are a lot of us who feel like you do sometimes. I found some things that work better for me, and so will you – and on days you don’t, do what you did here — VENT!

  2. 2
    moonfairy Says:

    I can feel your frustration. Hang in there. ((hugs))

  3. 3
    loosingme Says:

    (((((( angie ))))) I completely understand.


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