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That’s funny. Kelly is right. Men probably shorten a woman’s life expectancy. They did a study that stated that being married increases your life expectancy. Ha!. They conducted that study on men only. I’m sure it’s vastly different for women. I have a theory. Single men are out running around having sex whenever and catching whatever. Thus the shortened life expectancy. Married men want sex all the time but are rationed by their wives thus increasing their life expectancy. In turn, coming up with excuses to say no to your hubby causes additional stress for a woman thus decreasing their life expectancy. So at this rate, I think I’ll live forever just as long as I don’t get married again. LOL.

Weigh in was good this time. I lost whatever I gained last weigh in. Thus the rollercoaster. Ugh! Valentine’s Day is upon us and I still haven’t got a present for DD. She’ll be with her Dad’s this Vday anyway. It’s his weekend. I have to go on call. My manage, chauvanistic pig that he is figured that since I’m divorced, I probably won’t go out anyway. I’ll remember that the next time the subject of his year end bonus comes up.

February 9th, 2010 at 11:04 am
2 Responses to “20 years off your life.”
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    kotapaint Says:

    Congratulations on the weigh in! too bad your mgr is an a$$. Valentine’s Day is just another marketing tool to sell STUFF. Not that I’m against buying and selling STUFF…but I just don’t get all carried away about Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart Day, Toothpick Day, Groundhog’s Day, Daylight Savings Time Day,…There’s an occasion EVERY DAY. Personally, I never go out on or around Valentine’s Day w/ the husband. It’s too crowded, too high of expectations sometimes for people.

    It was good to read that you and your daughter are a team lifestyle change. Too much of the time our entertainment is going out to eat. Now you both can go to the zoo, theater, rollerskating, whatever and pack a healthy “picnic” lunch.

    The on call hours would stink for meal planning. You get too tired, don’t have food prepared, and then eat junk–too much and too fast. I used to do that too and sometimes still do but not very often. Sure wish there was a place at work you could store some premade food or frozen dinners or something! Peanut butter in your office?

    Good luck with your lifestyle change. You can do it. You got through medical school, you and your daughter can do this.

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    moonfairy Says:

    i told DH to not bother getting anything for valentine’s. who cares?


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