My first entry…

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Hello. My name is Ingrid.  I’m 35 years old- Without children :-/ I currently weigh 387 pounds with the LONG term goal of losing enough weight to get my periods regular, lose more weight, and GOD willing to have some babies! WHew! My highest weight was 413 pounds several years ago.  I could barely walk…and I was miserable.  Without having much of a support system in place…I’ve stayed at the same weight for a while.  I am ready to tackle this lifestyle of LIVING healthy now.  I had a complete physical last week…it went so well.  The first thing I told the NP was…..” I have PCOS, and I want to have babies!” lol She was impressed by my enthusiasm and gave me some homework.  I was given a plan of action: 30-60minutes of vigorous exercise 5 days a week, portion control, eat 4 meals a day and to watch those CARBS!!!! Also, I am starting Metformin again…..500mg-once a day..for now.  Will increase to 1000mg starting Thursday.  Hey peeps. I need your support with this.  I have seen so many successful women on and have been inspired to reach my goals!  Ya with me??

SW/387 CW 387 GOAL:350