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I’ve recently got rights back, does this still work to post?

It’s been a great week!

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As of Saturday the 4th I was 30 pounds down and 2 months completely smoke-free 😀 my favorite jeans were so loose that when I jumped they fell down! Josh can fit his hands around my waist all the way 🙂 I just feel great!! I have all the great support I could ever ask for! Now, others are calling me for inspiration when they are at the weight I would like to be at! I won’t give up this time!!


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It’s been such a crazy week! I went back to work on Monday and ever since, my week went downhill fast. Fender benders, binging, arguing with Josh, not working out, not getting enough sleep, migraines, pulled muscles, long trips to Denver, mistakenly taking a toll road, and starting my cycle. I was about to explode!!!! Yesterday I got a haircut, color, and style free from one of my friends and I thought, “why wait to lose 80 pounds to get my hair and nails done.” I needed to be pampered yesterday after the week of hell I just went through. So I got my nails done, went for sushi, and brought home a new dog 🙂 needless to say, my week ended well. And! Even after my “binge” I still lost 2 more pounds this week! Making my total 27 pounds lost! I’m getting excited thinking about how much more I will lose when I go back to walking again 🙂

I’ve been slacking…

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Ugh, I haven’t worked out in three days. I was doing so good! I went back to work today so I was not feelin waking up at 4 to work…before work. But! Tomorrow I will, I promise! It’s also helping that an awesome friend, Wendy, is doing a challenge with me 🙂 we want to see who can lose 60 pounds first. We also want to see that we get to 180 minutes of physical activity a week 🙂 we will keep each other updated and offer support if one or the other finds themselves slacking. I’d love for more people to join in as well 🙂

I did it!

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25 pounds lost! Never to be found again! I made my first goal! I go pick up my new shoes tomorrow 🙂 I couldn’t believe it! I’m so proud of myself. Now I have 25 pounds to lose until I get a hair cut/color/style! Woot woot!!

Not feeling so hot

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I’ve had a migraine since yesterday and I woke up this morning feeling queasy and hot so I decided to take a rest day. I feel kind of bad about it, but I need to listen to my body. I can’t believe I have gone 3 months without a migraine and now all of a sudden one pops up! I’m still doing great though so I must keep a positive mindset! I’ll hopefully be back on my routine tomorrow!

I couldn’t do it :(

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I did yoga this morning but not this afternoon. I got the worst migraine ever :'( I will probably skip tomorrow morning since my headaches usually last quite awhile. I’m hoping I can do it again tomorrow afternoon! I kinda feel disappointed about it :/ like I let myself down

Who I will be

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Second day of waking up before the sun, to do yoga. I lost another 1.5 pounds. Just another 1.5 to go to get to 25 pounds lost. I’m waiting for the day I wake up and look at the scale and it looks more like a weight and not an oven temperature. I’ve been baking at 370 for too long and I’m done! Now it’s time for me to cool down and drop down into the warm zone around 180-190, not enough to be too cool but enough to know that it’s maintainable. I’ve found that confessing all this to hundreds of strangers on the Internet makes me accountable because in some weird way, I don’t want to disappoint anyone. There will be times when I weigh-in and I gain. I will have to post that to hold myself responsible. But here’s the thing, I won’t feel bad because I have all of you for support. You aren’t going to tell me, “You’re failing! Quit eating so much!” You’ll tell me, “Well it happens, we’ve all been there, now it’s time to work just that much harder! Besides, ever think it could be muscle gain?”

I envy those women who, although overweight, exude such confidence because that gives me hope that even if I’m fat I am doing something about that. First I need to accept who I am and what I look like to move forward. I can’t have this delusion that I’m fatter or skinnier than I am, I need to accept myself as I am now to love myself as I will be later. I need to appreciate where I came from to fully understand where I will be going. I was reading in a book that for every 25 pounds lost it takes up to a year to feel used to it and accept that it’s healthy. So I want to lose 175 pounds, that means it will take me 7 years to feel comfortable in my new body. You know what? That’s ok. You know why? It may come off as self-centered,but, I know people will say what a great job I’ve done and how good I look. I’ll know I look good because I will finally be buying clothes from American Eagle and not the fat girl stores, or the 1 inch plus size section at Ross, or t-shirts in the men’s section, or hide myself in hoodies. I will exude confidence like my role models. I will be happy in my skin, even of I do have a fear of unattractive loose skin. I will be that girl who sweats hard in the gym to make progress and tone up my new body, not one of those girls who has perfect hair and makeup and drops not one bead of sweat because they think the gym is the site of Speed Dating instead of working out. I will be the girl who will wear a tanktop and shorts and feels good about it. I will be the girl who doesn’t have to cover her legs with men’s swim trunks to go swimming. I will be the girl who is still nice to big people because I won’t forget the journey I was on. I will be healthier, happier, and proud of myself.

I don’t believe it!

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I just finished my second round of yoga today! That’s 90 minutes of exercise in a day! Just wait until I start doing my daily mile in conjunction with that. That’ll be 110 minutes a day (550 minutes a week with 2 rest days) that’s 3,132 calories burned in a week :). I’m doing pretty dang good if ya ask me 🙂

Wow! I feel great!

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Well I got up at 4:15 with Josh and I decided it was now or never. I actually got up, got dressed, and did Weightloss Yoga! I couldn’t believe I did it all the way through besides one pose! I got such a great workout! My goal this week is to wake up early each morning and start my day with yoga. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated! I never realized what a workout you can get from something so peaceful. Although I got sweaty and I ran out of breath, I never got huffy like I would doing the elliptical. There was one pose I wasn’t breathing right and got completely light-headed so now I know my main focus is pulling my core in and focusing on even breathing. I will do this workout again later when Josh gets off work if he isn’t too tired. He throws luggage all day for the airport. So he gets quite the workout at work as well. I’m glad I invested in this DVD 🙂