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Starting Out… More Funky then Fresh

It’s been 2 weeks!



For what, you ask?


That I joined a gym! I know, I have decided to do more than “eat healthier” to get fit. So on 1/19, I was searching for a gym and I found one, an expensive one but a nice one (*cough* LifeTime Fitness *cough*). I had two prerequisites: 1) they had classes I could go to and 2) they have a steam room. The reason for the first, is that after an internal search, I realized the thing to make me do something I really don’t want to do is to have to show up for it. School, Work, now Exercise. If I have commited to something (especially paying for it extra like this class), I am showing up. Maybe late (like I have recently, but I’ll be there. Hey! Fate conspires against me! See the overflowing toliet about 30 min before class… my apartment people have!) The class I signed up extra for is “Team Weight Loss” (nothing like making it obvious, right?). I have attended 4 classes (M/W/F), and though I am the youngest by 10 years and the biggest by I don’t wanna know, the ladies (and its an only ladies class right now, save the teacher) have been very welcoming. I have done 4 classes and I actually have sweated!

The second reason, is that I fell in love with steam rooms in Vegas (the Hard Rock Casino’s Spa had one) on my recent vacation and wanted to go to one here in Ohio.

They take stuff seriously in this gym. With the class, I got a heart monitor and a fitness test (hooked up to a breath mask and everything!). It has been interesting and I actually want to go to the gym, whereas before, the gym and exercise had bad memories for me.

I have included my fitness test- not the best but its what I got!

My fit (or rather unfit) results...

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My Beginning….Now.

So here any my stats to start:
AGE: 25
HEIGHT: 5’9”

  1. Gallbladder Removal,
  2. Allergies to Gluten, laurel herb family (rosemary, thyme, bay leaves), soy

CHOSEN “DIET”: Primal (Paleo, but with cheese), with the additions/specifications of:

  1. No seafood/shellfish.
  2. No food I am morally opposed to (Like Veal)
  3. No food I think is just gross (Like Offal or Squid)

I am including a relatively (about 2 months ago but my weight hasn’t changed) current picture that shows my areas and my issues that I need to work on.

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