Here I Go Again…To The Fabulous Me!

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Hello world!

Welcome to my new diet blog! This is my first post. Hi, just like the other blogs, I want to introduce myself. I am 22 years old and have been heavy all of my life. I use to set goals of getting thinner by the time I graduated (high school, then college) but it didn’t work out. I got ill at 20, then lost 25 lbs while in France for a summer, however the illness took its toll–I had to have two surgeries which put that weight back on and then some. Now I am flirting with the 300 level-oh, the horror . So, because of that, and even with still being sick, I am trying to lose weight. I am now working up the energy do do something about it, and finally become the healthier, sexier, and skinner, version of me I know is inside of me.

My goal: To lose an Olsen-twin worth of weight. (about 100ish lbs)

See you in the normal clothes section of the store soon!

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By cfan
On November 28, 2011
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