Week one on the lyn-genet plan

celticharpie on Apr 14th 2013 11:56 am

I just finished my first week of the Lyn-Genet Plan and I’m down 6 lbs from where I started a week ago. It’s a nice, healthy mix of food, and I’m pretty happy with the results.

A note of caution: the book is incredibly obtuse and poorly written/organized. I would seriously like to have a word with the editor. However, the plan is sound. You do have to do a fairly large amount of cooking, so be prepared to shop and cook.  Every. Single. Day.

Can’t complain too much, as I am eating real food and safely in ONEderland and beating my low weight from last fall. ¬†Also? 1 oz of dark chocolate every night and a glass of red wine if I want! Hurrah!

04/07/2013 – 202.8

04/14/2013 – 196.8

total loss: 6 lbs

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