I won the competition

celticharpie on Oct 3rd 2012 02:45 pm

So I won the weight loss competition.  Got $140 in cash and a yellow smiley face balloon.  This week has been my first non-competitive week and I slipped a bit.  I’m up about .4 lbs since last week.  Most of this is attributed to driving to Chicago and back (20 hours of driving between Friday and Sunday) for the Northwestern football game.  Oh, and the tailgating.  And the meals out.  You know the drill.

I have also decided to start doing my weigh ins on Friday mornings.  This has worked better for me in the past due to the fact that the times that I stray (we all do) are always on the weekends.  I’m very good and on plan during the week!  So I will weigh in this Friday.  I predict a loss 😉

I ran this morning, and will do so again tomorrow, despite not running in the past week.  That was a bad move, but I’m solving the problem.  I’m still on target.  If I work hard, keep on plan, and run every day or most days, I can still meet my ONEderland by the end of October goal.

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