Never been so happy with a <1 lb loss week

celticharpie on Sep 19th 2012 09:28 am

Last week I was over the moon with another good loss for the week.  On that same day, I found out that my great uncle had passed away and I hastily made plans to attend the funeral over the weekend.  It was a 5 hour each way drive, and I was doing the drive on little sleep which meant:  sugar and calories galore.

Of course, with funerals comes food.  I tried to be good, but it was hard to stay on my diet.  One thing I really hate about having weigh ins on Wednesdays is that you have very little time to recover from the weekend if you go off plan.  When I arrived back in town on Sunday evening, I weighed in just to see how bad I had been.  I was at 218, up 4.6 from the previous Wednesday’s weigh in.  I had a run on Monday and then decided to add one on Tuesday as well.  On today’s run, I was extra good and added 5 more minutes to my run time, making it a 30 minute day.  I have been very on plan with my diet, and I was able to get the scale down 5.4 lbs from Sunday night.  Not too bad.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to lose less than a pound in a week.

08/01/2012 – 225.4 – start weight
08/08/2012 – 222.8 – down 2.6
08/15/2012 – 221.0 – down 1.8
08/22/2012 – 219.2 – down 1.8
08/29/2012 – 218.2 – down 1.0
09/05/2012 – 214.8 – down 3.4
09/12/2012 – 213.4 – down 1.4
09/19/2012 – 212.6 – down 0.8

Total weight loss so far:  12.8 lbs

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