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celticharpie on Sep 5th 2012 01:51 pm

Well, after all the whinging I did last week about the scale not moving…. BOOM!  I lost 3.4 pounds this week.  I think some of it is due to the fact that I did a ton of walking over the weekend at the Irish Festival and didn’t consume any of the yummy, albeit dangerously high in calories and fat, food.  I didn’t even have a Guinness.  I did treat myself to a cherry limeade, as it was sweltering and in the upper 90’s.

So, here’s the good news:

08/01/2012 – 225.4 – start weight
08/08/2012 – 222.8 – down 2.6
08/15/2012 – 221.0 – down 1.8
08/22/2012 – 219.2 – down 1.8
08/29/2012 – 218.2 – down 1.0
09/05/2012 – 214.8 – down 3.4

Total weight loss so far:  10.6 lbs

I know that the scale doesn’t tell the whole story, but this means I’m back on track for my goals.  I am losing just around 2 lbs a week.

Anyway, yay me.

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