celticharpie on Sep 2nd 2012 11:18 am

So I had written a post yesterday about how bummed I was that the scale wasn’t moving.  Yesterday I was home all day, which is usually a bit of a danger.  I decided that I just couldn’t do the Herbalife shake for both breakfast and lunch, so I actually ate lunch.

I stayed within my calorie limits.

Today was a running day and I dilly dallied around the house (after waking up late).  It was hot and I paid the price when I finally got out to run.  It was a hard run…  but I completed it.  I finished the week strong.

Hopped on the scale when I got back and BOOM!  I was down to 216.2.  This is after being stuck at 218 for about a week.

Going to the KC Irish festival where there will be lots of walking.  There will also be temptation (Guinness, fish and chips, shepherd’s pie), but I will resist.

Hitting the shower, then having a late breakfast shake.

Go me!

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