weigh in blues

celticharpie on Aug 29th 2012 01:31 pm

Well, I built myself up for disappointment.  I weighed in today at 218.2.  Only down 1 lb for the week… and I was so good. I kept on my diet, added weight training, kept up on my running… and blech.

I think what makes me the most frustrated is that my loss numbers have shrunk each week.  I realize that slow and steady wins the race and all that, but if I’m not averaging a little higher loss per month, I’m not going to make any of my short term goals.

The other thing is that most of the time, people my size lose a bunch at first.  I really haven’t.

08/01/2012 – 225.4 – start weight
08/08/2012 – 222.8 – down 2.6
08/15/2012 – 221.0 – down 1.8
08/22/2012 – 219.2 – down 1.8
08/29/2012 – 218.2 – down 1.0

Total weight loss so far:  7.2 lbs

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