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weigh in blues

celticharpie on Aug 29th 2012 01:31 pm

Well, I built myself up for disappointment.  I weighed in today at 218.2.  Only down 1 lb for the week… and I was so good. I kept on my diet, added weight training, kept up on my running… and blech.

I think what makes me the most frustrated is that my loss numbers have shrunk each week.  I realize that slow and steady wins the race and all that, but if I’m not averaging a little higher loss per month, I’m not going to make any of my short term goals.

The other thing is that most of the time, people my size lose a bunch at first.  I really haven’t.

08/01/2012 – 225.4 – start weight
08/08/2012 – 222.8 – down 2.6
08/15/2012 – 221.0 – down 1.8
08/22/2012 – 219.2 – down 1.8
08/29/2012 – 218.2 – down 1.0

Total weight loss so far:  7.2 lbs

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running and weigh in tomorrow

celticharpie on Aug 28th 2012 11:14 pm

I have been very good all week.  I have logged everything and stayed within my bounds.  Tomorrow morning is a running day and weigh in.  Fingers crossed.

My grad school classes are off and running (in addition to working full-time at the university, I’m pursing a Master’s Equivalency Degree in Music Therapy).  I have a ton of work to do before the end of the day tomorrow.  I’m going to try to get a large writing assignment (due Friday) knocked out tomorrow.  I know if I just sit down and get it finished, I will feel much better.

Sometimes, with as much effort as it takes to write things, I wonder why it is I’m pursuing a Master’s Degree!  What was I thinking????

In other news, my skin has broken out.  I’m chalking that up to getting rid of final toxins.  There is practically nothing processed in my diet right now, and I’m running 3x a week. Not sure what kind of game mother nature is playing.  I call shenanigans:  either grey hair OR acne.  Not both!

Today a male co-worked (who is a runner and has been very supportive of me getting started) commented that I look different.  He said I looked good and he could see the weight loss in my face.  I’m not sure I buy that (it’s only 7 lbs so far), but it was nice of him.

Fingers crossed that the scale will be my friend tomorrow….

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Scale movement

celticharpie on Aug 27th 2012 11:26 am

So one of the things I feel I have to do to keep myself on plan is to weigh myself every day.  I realize that many people feel this is a bad idea as it makes you too conscious of slight weight gains (which are normal), but for me it is a necessity.

I need the constant reminder.  When I’m not looking at those numbers, I have a better chance of just foregoing the diet.  Knowing that I have to remain accountable every single day is the motivation I need.  I’ve worked really hard this week, and it has been showing in the scale.  While I’m not seeing huge losses on a weekly basis, I’m staying in the range that keeps the weight off:  1-2 lbs a week.

I thought I would struggle a bit after leaving the 220’s.  I always feel that the 10 lbs increments are always the trickiest.  My mind freaks out when I see 220 vs. 219.8  It’s the same reason that stores price everything at 4.99.  It’s that one penny, or one tenth of a pound that means the difference.

Happy to say that I have not revisited the 220’s since leaving them.  Yesterday I weighed in at 218.6 (after a run).  This morning I weighed in at 218.8.  I’m going to do some weight training today, and I might try to go for a walk tomorrow morning, as I don’t run again until Wednesday.

Wednesday is also weigh in day.  I’m hoping I can make it to 218, or somewhere in the 217’s by that time.  I think it’ll happen.

Sitting here drinking my protein shake and thinking about everything I need to do in the next three days to be successful.

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Finished Week 3

celticharpie on Aug 26th 2012 11:07 am

Well, I finished the 4th day (an extra day) of my C25K Week 3.  I’m going to have to do something about my right knee.  It’s sore again.  I’ll probably head down to the pharmacy and get something to support it.

Yesterday was hard from the standpoint of it being Saturday and not having plans.  I did some retail therapy.  I actually love going to get makeup, because makeup saleswomen are always so personable.  One of them told me I had beautiful eyes.  Was she trying to sell me lipstick?  Sure.  But she didn’t need to compliment me.  It was nice.  Got a free eye shadow at the Bare Minerals store as well.  Bought a ton of books at the bookstore for my Ireland trip.  Can. Not. Wait!

Did weight training with comical results last night.  MalachyDog (a big yellow lab-mix) was inside to watch me struggle with the dumbbells and stability ball.  When I did the exercises the other night, Mally was outside.  Well, last night he was terribly concerned.  At one point when I was on the floor on my back for one exercise, he came over and sat down right next to me, and leaned over with a terribly concerned look on his face.  He then whimpered, and when I finished my reps, he put his paw on my arm.  It was adorable.  I had to stop several times since he was making me laugh so much.

Got on the scale today and I’m down to 218.6!  I’ve got 3 more days until weigh in.

Now to quickly clean, then knitting and a movie with my friend and then grocery shopping and homework this evening.

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C25K W3D3

celticharpie on Aug 24th 2012 09:58 am

So technically, I’m done with C25K W3.  However, due to the shift in my running schedule, I’m going to do an additional day on Sunday.  I’m starting to feel the muscle in my calves.  It’s that feeling I used to get in college marching band (we did an evil thing called “the chair step”).  It’s a very good thing.

Will be searching for some other strength training exercises, as the ones I tried last night were ok, but nothing I feel too confident about.  I’m mostly looking to do more exercises to shrink and tone my bust and upper arms.

Next Wednesday I’ll take my measurements.  I’m anxious to know if I’ve lost any fractions of an inch yet.  I have some lofty goals (Out of plus sizes by September 26 and Onederland by October 31) and I hope I can make them.  I’ve resolved not to purchase any clothes in plus sizes ever again.  I can’t wait to go back to the “regular” sizes.  I was there briefly back in 2007 (was doing Nutrisystem and lost about 30 lbs).  Can’t wait to break that 199 barrier.

Sometimes my impatience gets the better of me.  I’ll admit it, I weigh myself every day.  I need the constant reminder of where I am to keep me going.  The scale has been stuck at 119.2 for three days in a row.  This is better than going up, and I think I’m in for a big loss this week (weigh in is on Wednesdays).

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celticharpie on Aug 23rd 2012 08:48 pm

So tonight I started trying to do some weight training/strength training.  It’s a non-run day thing.  I think I’ll be doing this on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  I bought a stability ball and some 5 lb dumbbells.

FreddyDog was quite amused with the workout routine I found online.  I have a feeling I’m going to be a little sore tomorrow morning.  Thank god it’s almost Friday.

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Three Weeks In

celticharpie on Aug 22nd 2012 07:08 am

I am now three weeks into my weight loss/fitness journey.  I should say I’m three weeks into my latest weight loss/fitness journey, but I’m so determined to make it work this time I promise it is my LAST.

My friend Mikell has been doing Herbalife, so I’ll be trying that a bit.  Mostly, though, I’m using iChange, their website, to monitor and track my food.  I’m going with their idea of a higher protein, lower fat, and medium carb diet.  Here are my targets:

1577 calories per day

Protein – 130g – 25%-30%
Carbs – 260g – 45%-55%
Fat – 58g – 20%-25%

I have been doing a fairly good job of staying within these parameters, even without using the shakes right now.  This gives me hope that once I lose the weight I can keep it off.

The biggest eating changes for me have been pretty much eliminating soda and upping my protein intake.  It’s pretty surprising what that will do.  I am trying to buy natural stuff and cook more often.  No more pre-packaged crap.  I’m turning into a local and buying local produce as much as possible.  However, the biggest change overall has been exercise.  I am now running on the Couch-to-5K program.  I am on week 3 right now.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t really like running, I’m just forcing myself to do 30 minutes three times a week.  I’m cheap and will never like going to a gym, so I just went and got fitted for proper running shoes, ordered an industrial strength bra, and downloaded a free podcast.  So far, so good.  There’s a nice walking/running/biking trail in my neighborhood, so it makes it an easy thing to do at 6:30 in the morning.

I’m in a weight loss pool contest.  In week 3 of 9, I’m leading 🙂  Here is what I’ve done so far:

08/01/2012 – 225.4 – start weight
08/08/2012 – 222.8 – down 2.6
08/15/2012 – 221.0 – down 1.8
08/22/2012 – 219.2 – down 1.8

Total weight loss so far:  6.2 lbs

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