Well it is 2 weeks since I had my last cigarette. I still had high hopes of some kind of euphoric feeling of success. I still feel numb. I truly do not know what is going on. My bowels have gone weird, I have constant bloating and I just feel so crappy!

My hubby and I have gone into counselling, I am not sure what to make of all this. The counsellor is a lovely woman but I really do not think she “gets me”. We talked for an hour and my hubby and I did little interaction, which was fine by me as I still get angry at just the sound of his voice! Its craziness!

I have been looking around for something to control my eating. I have now gained 6 kilos, I am so angry, no make that ropable, at how I cannot control my eating. It seems to be a vicious circle for me right now, to not smoke I eat which apparently “soothes” me, (counsellor’s insight). The councellor informed me that sugars and carbohydrates are often craved by smokers in the first few weeks as it gives a sharp but short euphoric sensation, similar of that to nicotine.

I have signed up for a couple of weight loss sites, I have signed up to support groups to help with my quitting smoking, lets just help it helps in some way! I need to be more positive about this, I am slowly becoming everything I despise in a person. Time to make some serious changes.

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I am hoping this will be a great tool in my weight loss journey.

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