How I lost 105 pounds and I’m still going strong!

Once a new weight loss strategy becomes habit the body puts up a lot less of a fight.

I’m still working out at the gym. It’s been 3 months and I’ve been going to the fitness Classes 3-4 times a week.

Working out at the gym is hard and I have to force myself to go, especially during the winter when the temp dropped to -22c. I find during weight loss if you lack motivation then you just have to force yourself. Just get up and let you feet start moving you in the right direction. This is what I had to do for the fitness class. I was so out of shape that it was uncomfortable and unpleasant.

You wouldn’t think someone who runs 6.5 KM 4-5 days a week would be unfit. Neither did I, but the truth was my legs where in shape and I had good cardio while running but my upper body was flabby.

As soon as I did my first step (with weights) and Pump class I had trouble getting out of my chair. The next class was a lot better. I wish I could say the same for every class after that but the truth is I have to keep changing my exercise plan in order to be truly fit. The gym just started classes 5 days a week so the last two weeks have been especially hard. Monday Cardio, Tuesday Step, Wednesday Pump Thursday Boot Camp and Friday Stability ball. My body doesn’t have time to get too used to a routine and it hates me for it. But everyday me and this body of mine walk over to the gym at lunch and do a class. And everyday my body fights me a little bit less on the trip over and is a bit less tired afterward.

Luckily I knew if I just kept on going to the classes that it would become habit. I knew this from past hurtles in my weight loss that is what kept me going these past three months. I knew for certain that if I just keep pushing myself to do the gym classes eventually it just becomes habit. Once it’s become habit my body puts up a lot less of a fight or none at all. This is also true for all my healthy lifestyle changes.

I’ve lost 3 pounds in the last 3 months this may not sound like much but I’ve lost inches too, especially around my upper arms and back. I’ve lost inches in my legs and hips too. In January 2013 I worn two pairs of tall boots that I bought last winter on sale that my calf muscles were too big to zip the boots up. They are loose now. I couldn’t do them up two month earlier.

Last week I bought a size 12 for the first time in 18-20 years. I’m 5’9″ and when I was 278 pounds I wore a size 24 so I’m officially half my size.

I’ve lost 102 pounds now and the last 15-20 is a really challenge.

lost 102 pounds now and the last 15-20 pounds that I still want to
lose are really a challenge.
I have now embraced a healthy lifestyle but I still need to lose these last few
nagging pounds.
No matter what I do the most I can lose is 1/2 pound a week. I’ve just joined a
gym and I’ve started weight training and doing fitness workouts every other
day. I needed something new to get my heart pumping again. I had changed from
Walking 5-10 Km per day (since it wasn’t a challenge anymore) to running 5-6 Km
four to five time a week. Now the running doesn’t do much for me anymore. I
joined a gym only to find out how unfit I really am. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a
great runner, I can do 5Km in less than 30 minutes, but I’ve recently
discovered that there is much more to fitness than running and walking. I had
no intentions of ever working out at a gym. I always thought it boring. However
in the last leg of my weight loss journey this is exactly where I ended up and
I have to admit I didn’t give it enough credit. I also wouldn’t be doing it, if
I hadn’t met a serious fit guy who works out often. It is really tough making
flabby muscles (that I don’t think I’ve ever used in my whole life) work
for their keep. This isn’t for the faint at heart. You must have someone like a
trainer or fit friend to help you thorough the “THIS SUCKS SO BAD I REALLY
HATE THIS” faze of my new life style change. It is followed up by the next
day when I discover I can’t move because I’m so sore. I find I have Muscles I
didn’t know I had… like between my shoulder blades.

Here’s a different approach to weight loss and lifestyle change.

I really recommend to anyone attempting to lose weight to get proper fitting shoes and to join a walking or running club. It’s opened up a whole new world of people that are already living a healthy life style. They encourage and motivate me to do the same. It’s a very different approach to weight loss. Instead of joining a group of people trying to change their habits, I’m round people that are already living those health habits. It’s a much more positive approach because they are examples of how I want to be in the end.          I’ve been walking 6-12 Km every day for months now. I’ve found my heart beat doesn’t increase and it’s become too easy. I’ve tried jogging but keep straining the inside lower muscle in my leg. A friend told me that I was wearing the wrong shoes. I had paid $140.00 for Merrell running shoes that were supposed to be very good. I walk on the outside of my feet therefore chose flat soled shoes. The Running Room has shoes for all types of feet. It turned out my feet need Neutral support. I got fitted and it cost $60.00 for my Brooks Glycerin8 shoes. I joined the running class that night. I bought a shirt and socks then changed from my work clothes and went running. We ran 3 Km, one minute running and one minute walking for 10 sets and I didn’t have any leg pain. The shoes were amazing! I’ve run 3 times last week and I am going again tonight. The people there are extremely positive and all members encourage each other. The Running Room offers a walking group too.

Dealing with long term dieting and plateau’s when losing over 100 pounds

I lost 7 pounds in Feb 2012 therefore I’m down 80 pounds now. I’ve been dieting since June of 2010 and have lost 80 pounds.  I don’t really have any trouble staying on the diet, I’m very dedicated, however even now losing weight is a learning curve. The first 11 weeks where exciting the pounds came off quick, until my body adjusted to the new ‘good eating habits” and I became fitter from walking everyday. I soon found that I hit a plateau after every 8-10 pounds and I’d have to rethink my diet and exercise plan in-order to lose again. I had always thought that if you stuck to a diet you’d lose the weight but that has proved not to be the case. Once my body is able to do an exercise with ease I have to find it a new challenge. It feels like starting over sometimes because doing a new exercise takes the same amount of motivation as in the beginning of the diet. It’s hard to do, even now. I know I’ll get used to it but at first I really have to force myself to do the new work-out or dancerise etc. The same goes with dieting, I adopt new “good eating” habits like cutting out all junk food and eating healthy foods, limit sauces and empty calories but when the weight stops coming off then I have to adopt new good habbits like portion control, a food journal, no refined sugars including in my tea. It gets stricter and stricter. The good thing is that I’ve learned to like a lot of my new eating habits and plan to keep them. I now enjoy salads with little to no dressing on them. I never thought I’d be saying that, ever! Spring is almost here so I’ve started jogging a bit during my 6 Km (3.7 miles) walks. Last fall I was walking 6-12 KM everyday. In winter I’ve been doing 30 KM a week even in storms. When the good weather comes back I’ll increase my jogging and walking routine. Walking no longer gets my heart rate up. I once walked 20 Km in one afternoon and it didn’t faze me. So adding the jogging should help get the rest of the weight off. I’ve gone from Obese Level 4 to just overweight and in 30 pounds I won’t be considered overweight anymore.


Holidays are over and I did great! I’m down 75 pounds now!

I managed to say no to all the deserts and chocolate being passed around at Christmas. I wanted to be down 80 pounds by New Years but I had to settle for 75 pounds. News Year resolution is to lose another 50 pounds and to jog 6 KM. I walk 6 KM and 12 KM daily but I can only jog 1/2 KM before I have to stop. I jog it fast but still… I want to build on it.

The first of the Holiday Temptations overcome.

The first of the Holiday temptations has arrived. It was a huge box of assorted Godiva chocolates sent to the office and they sat out all day for the taking. I’m proud to say I did not partake and I stuck to my diet plan.
         I’ve also discovered sugar free Carnation Instant Breakfasts. 150 Cal. They are the same thing as Slimfast but taste nicer. I tried one of these this morning and I’m not hungery. It’s 11:30 AM right now.  They work way better than grapefruit, oatmeal, or yogurt as a snack. The protein keeps me full longer and it’s got a lot of vitamins.



How I plan to stay on my diet during the holidays.

The holidays are coming and I know there will be a ton of amazing foods paraded in front of me that I’ll badly want to have.
Firstly I have it in my mind that I’m going to stay on my diet during the holidays. I’m planning to lose weight during this time and I’m already making my plan of attack to achieve my goal. Most people not only go off their diet during the holidays but they gain weight. Only 2% of people that diet are successful and I’m determined to be in that 2%.
I already know what will happen when I go over to visit friends and family… There will be a ton of food that I can’t eat and I’ll want to. I warn the host/hostess ahead of time (before I arrive) that I’m staying on my diet and I need them to support me on this decision. I don’t want them to do anything special for me, I just don’t want anyone offended when I turn down food I can’t eat and I want them to be supportive. It’s been five months and I’ve got folks trained not to push food. They know I won’t budge or give in anyway and I still enjoy visiting with them. I will drink tea if they have a need to give me something.
         “IT SMELLS SO GOOD!” The scent of my favorite food cooking is the most difficult temptation I’ve had to overcome and I know I’ll have to deal with this at Christmas time. I’m very much aware that smelling something delicious will be my downfall, I have such a strong reaction to it, my mouth waters, stomach growls and can even become shaky if I’m truly hungry. When I’ve faced this obstacle in the last five months, I’ve left the room that has the delicious smell and this allows me to regain control of my diet pretty quickly. I regain control of my diet but the first emotion that hits me is usually resentment and a touch of bitterness for denying myself … a favorite food! I know this will happen and I also know it’s a short lived reaction. After I’ve left behind the smell of cookies baking, Kentucky Fried chicken, etc. I make a point to thinking of something other than food to further distract myself from the banned food. The deprived feelings are slowly replaced with a feeling of control and resolve. When I get through the evening successfully I’m left with a feeling of empowerment. Knowing all this about myself helps me prepare for it when I’m heading out to visit friends and family in the up coming holidays.
            Another trick that I haven’t had to resort to yet but I know I will in the coming month is blocking the smell of foods I love. I grew-up in the horse industry and we put Vicks Vapour Rub in the Stallions nostrils so they can’t smell the mares in season and go crazy at the shows.  If it keeps the studs in check, I’m confident it can help me overcome the smell of pumpkin pie and cookies baking in the oven. I’m sure Vicks never intended this use for their product but if it works it works. Any strong smelling sent will work so if Vicks/ eucyptlas oil isn’t something you can stand find a sent you can use.
       I mentally go over what “that little voice in my head” will say to me during my weak moments and I know I’m going to have those weak moments. It’s always the same argument I have with myself. I make sure before this happens I have counter reasoning in place so I don’t lose this battle with myself and cheat on my diet.
Here is an example of weak moments.
Don’t do it! The key to my will power is never ever tasting something. Until I taste it, I can convince myself it’s just an object and walk away.
When my mind wants to remember how good that piece of chocolate tasted the last time I had it. I force myself to think of something non-food related, or I try to remember how great it felt to buy a size smaller pants last week. I remind myself of my wins and that eating can undo what I’ve accomplished so far.
It’s homemade and special I have to have a little.
I counter with: It’ll be homemade and special next year when I’m slim. If it’s something new that I’ve never tried before than I consider it easier to turn it down because its one less thing I need to crave.
I only get to have Aunt Junes’s Lemon pie once a year.
I counter with: I’ve gone a year without it already and by the next day I won’t remember what it tasted like but I will feel terrible for cheating on my diet.
Food baskets delivered to office
I’d rather be thin and I avoid the area where the food is lput out, I know in a couple hours it will all be gone and I’ll be safe from temptation. Deserts can always be turned down when I consider that I can go to a nice restaurant and buy any desert I want when I’m thin. Deserts are cheap.
Christmas Eve and Christmas… My biggest obstacle at Christmas eve dinner at the farm and Christmas dinner in Bellville is the food offered before dinner. I know I’ll be hungry and there will be a two hour wait before dinner where a ton of food is set out. I plan to have a few protein packed shimp or beg a slice of turkey to give me a protein boost that will help me to turn down the banned food, while I apply all the tactics I’ve listed above.
Christmas Dinner..I’ve decided not to try a bit of everything at dinner, there’s just too many dishes offered. I plan to have a good helping of white meat turkey with a small amount of gravy and then choose a couple vegetables. The Protein in the Turkey will turn off any desire to overeat. I’m not even worried about desert after dinner because once I’ve eaten I know I’ll be fine.
Wish me luck. LOL
PS I’m down another 4 pounds from last week. I’ve now lost 64 pounds.

Is your weight problem a medical symptom? Are you tired all the time? No energy? read on…

I was 165 when I became pregnant with my daughter.
I was 245 by the time I had her.
I lost weight quickly going down to 180 by the time she was 6 months old.
Then something happened and I started gaining weight hand over fist and it didn’t seem to matter what I did.
I had gained 45 pounds in two months and half my hair had fallen out.
The doctors ran tests and just shrugged it off as hormone changes and reassured me that it would settle.
For the next 10 years I would go to the doctors complaining I had no energy, felt like I was going to pass out and I was gaining weight. If I tried to diet or exercise I felt light headed.
I often felt light headed in the afternoons sitting at my desk at work, eating something often helped make me feel better. The doctors ran tests and the only thing they’d say was “your a single mom of course you are tired.”
My blood test came back that I was a little low on iron but nothing drastic. I was so tired that I was convince I had Diabetes, thyroid problem or Hypoglycemia, all the test turned up negative. Finally after many trips to the doctors, I got a new women doctor who looked at my blood test and said that my iron count was 11 and that I was a little low in iron. I told her the other doctors said the same thing but they never said how much Iron I should be taking and for how long. I didn’t want to over do it since excess Iron is stored in your liver, bone marrow etc.
I also said “if my iron levels are 11 what are they supposed to be?”
She said that it is scored out of 20. then she looked at the back of the test and realized the lab had done an American test (not Canadian) and it was scored out of 100, with test results of 60 being good and over 100 being very good. The highest I ever scored was 16 and I had been going to the same doctors and the same lab for 10 years!
She said I should be consuming 900 MG of Ferrous Glauconate (iron) everyday for 6 months. That is three times the daily dose.
I did take the iron along with vitamin C to aid absorption. I avoid milk products 2 hour before and after taking the iron, since iron with bind to milk and block absorption. I still felt tire and sick.
Turns out if you have a heavy period (which many women do), it lowers your red blood cells and iron count, this means less oxygen in your blood and you’ll feel really tired all the time.
I started taking 800-1000 mg of folic acid (helps in cell reproduction) along with my Iron and I felt a lot better for the next 2-3 years. I didn’t feel great but not debilitated either.
Then after 2-3 years I started going down hill and was back to being exhausted.
So I went back to the woman Doctor and she sent me to a gynaecologist. There are a number of ways to control how much you bleed during your period.
Since I don’t plan on having more kids (I’m 45 years old) I decided to get an implant to stop my periods all together for 5 years. Before the implant can be implanted they stop the periods with medication first. They put me on Danazol because my medical plan paid the $140.00 per month bill. There is a better drug but it cost $250.00 per shot and I’d need one or two shots that are not cover by my plan.
So for the time being I’m on Danazol a drug that mimics a male hormone/steroid and has some wicked side-effects like increased appetite and weight gain. One women said she gain 20 pounds on this drug. As soon as I went on it, my weight loss was stopped in it’s tracks and for 4-5 weeks I didn’t lose a single pound. Before the drug I had lost 45 pound in 11 weeks. However, it was a good thing I had been measuring myself along with weighing my self, I discovered during that period of no weight loss I had lost 15 inches off my core (hips, waist and ribs). I’m going to be on this drug for another month or two and I’ve had to reduce my calories even more to get weight loss going again.
      However, I would not be able to diet at all if I hadn’t found what the underlying cause of my tiredness and weight gain was. I’m now feeling well enough to diet, I ‘m well enough to walk 3.5 to 7 miles everyday, and I can stay on my diet without feeling like I’m going to pass-out. The sad part about this is that it took so long to find out what was wrong with me, I was 278 pounds at the starting point of my diet. I had held out little hope of ever being thin again. I’m now 214 pounds. I’ve lost 8 pounds in the last two weeks.
     Two and half weeks ago I tried on a winter coat that the snaps would not reach, let alone do up, and this weekend I bought that coat and it fits perfectly. I’m determined to not only go down to my 165 pound pre-baby weight but I plan to be between 150 and 135 pound by summer 2012. I’ll post photos when this site lets me. I have to be on a member for 20 days and make 25 posts before they allow pictures. I’ll share the photos as soon as I can.
Bye for now.





You sabotaged the diet you started.

So you find you did great on your diet all day long and you’re almost ready to turn in for the night, and something comes over you and you blow the diet. Is it a fear of success or failure that we sabotage our diet?  I’ve dieted on and off in my teens and twenties, strict unpleasant diets that involve a lot of grapefruit and celery that mostly left me feeling deprived and starving. I think that is where my anxiety comes from, my subconscious just doesn’t want to go down that road again. I’ve come up with a strategy to counter attack these feelings. I buy healthy low calorie foods and I don’t mean carrot sticks and celery. If you are having trouble starting your diet, go out and stock the fridge and freeze with enjoyable alternatives in which to cheat with. I started out with chocolate yogurt bars, 70 calories each. Even if I eat two of them I still haven’t blown my diet like I would eating Ice cream. I still lose weight and the boost of that weight loss replaces the worry. It’s empowering.  As the diet progresses the anxiety and urges to self sabotage slowly go away and I’m able to wean out the extra snacking. I had a variety of snacks planned a head of time and I choose to buy individual servings sizes to track my cheating accurately.
#Popsicles sugar free and 35 calories. I like the weird flavors like Lemonade, they take a long time to eat so I’ve regained control of my diet by the time I’ve finished one.
#Chocolate yogurt bars that taste great and are 70 calories.
#Jello made with fruit, or cottage cheese mixed in it. Jello is low calorie, zero fat, and the protein in it helps stop hunger.
#Yogurt in the individual servings, 35 calories they come in assorted flavors, I also stir the yogurt with the chilled Jello.
#Ginger snaps and Graham crackers. Lot of flavor so they satisfy.
#Flavored Croutons, I munch on them instead of chips. They are so hard that I tire of eating them and satisfy my craving before I ruin my diet.
#1/2 cup of cereal without milk (finger food). 100 foot loops eaten as finger-food 1-2 at a time is tiring to eat.
To make matters worse I was a major evening snacker while watching TV. I started an evening walking routine and the snacking problem solved itself. When I get home I make dinner and then before I sit down and get comfortable for the evening, I force myself to go out for a walk. I had always thought it would be difficult to add walking into my evening but once I did it, I now find I have too much time on my hands. I now dislike watching TV, I find I’ll try to sit through a program and then I get restless. The next thing I know, I’m cleaning the kitchen or doing the laundry. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I have more energy, I just find sitting in front of the TV boring now. And as a result I’m not snacking either. I’m now exploring new hobbies. I know I would have found breaking the habit of evening snacking stressful because it was how I relaxed. Cutting out snacking would have left my nerves on edge and I know the diet would have ended as quickly as it started.
If you don’t want to walk then find one hour of something to do before you sit down to watch TV.
Do that one hour activity in a room other than the room you normally snack in.
Even if you just read a book in another room other than the you are used to doing your snacking in. This is the first step in breaking that habit.
Starting the diet was the hardest part of the diet.
I’ve been on it for over 5 months now and have lost 60 pounds.
Good luck.



The lifestyle changes I’ve made in order to lose 60 pounds!

I just joined three fat chicks yesterday but I’ve been dieting since June 2011 and have lost 60 pounds so far. I walk and diet. I began my weight loss program by walking everyday for 40 minutes and I now walk twice a day for a total of 2 or 2.5 hours. When I realized how much walking it takes to work off one pound it became easy to say no to cheating on my diet. It takes 30 to 35 miles to walking off one pound! However I recommend walking to help tone your body while you lose weight. My legs look great, like they did when I was slim and 20 years old. I also found that I’ve built stomach and back muscles from walking. I didn’t know it was such a good core workout.
      I’ve had success with both the meal replacement (frozen dinners at lunch) and the high protein diets. But for the most part I just eat plane food from the four food groups. I’ve been eating bland foods that are free of sauces and spices, I find I stop eating when I’m full instead of continuing to eat because it tastes good. I don’t miss the fattening foods anymore either. I’ll not go back to eating fast foods or junk food now that I’m detoxed from it. I was 278, I’m 218 now and want to go down to 150-135 range. I figure I will reach the goal late spring to early summer 2012.

I found my 4th month of dieting really hard, I just didn’t lose weight no matter what I did. The Doctor had put me on Danazol which causes weight gain as a side effect. I was lucky that I stayed the same weight without gaining, some people reported 20 pound weight gains on these meds. For 4-5 weeks the scale didn’t move up or down.  I was over due for a plateau, my body had gotten used to the diet and exercise program. I changed my exercise and the diet at that point and finally broke down and started a food journal to track what I eat. I’m happy t oreport I’ve started losing again.