I’m shocked I’m still on plan!

It’s about 25 days since I decided I wanted to attempt to lose weight again. I have that idea several times a year and it only lasts about a week before I get bored and decide its just easier to not care. However, it has now been just over 3 weeks and I am still going strong. This morning I weighed 145.9, and am able to fit back into my size 11 jeans (just barley though but its better than before!).

I’m using calorie counting and my Iphone to keep track of everything. I still eat ice cream and chocolate, just not the whole package! Last night we went to the movies and I had a ton of movie theater popcorn, so I just didn’t have dinner. This is very rare though. Most days I eat pretty well, but if I had ate dinner last night, I would have been way over my calories. I have learned that if I deny myself my favorite foods, I will binge eat and give up. Now I just need to keep this up and will hopefully be close to my goal weight by my birthday at the end of March!

Going into my second week!

I’m about to enter my second week and I’m still giving it 110% which is awesome. Usually after like 4 days I’ve gotten bored or lost motivation, but it seems I get more and more motivated with each passing day!. I’m praying that once I start school 5 days a week (which starts tomorrow!) that I will be able to keep up the same motivation.

I have been eating really good and exercising almost daily. I’ve actually been looking forward to my work outs. I think the thing that helps if I have decided to do shorter workouts more frequently. I’ve been doing about 2 twenty minute work outs a day (one earlier in the day and one later on) and it has kept my motivation up. Well I have gained 2 pounds over the past 3 days, I realize that has to do with it being that time of the month, and with my muscles holding water due to the strength training. With that being said, I have had way more energy, have felt optimistic about my weight loss goals, and just feel way better!

I’ve also realized that instead of thinking about losing all 20 pounds by a certain day which ends up with me being coming super pessimistic and depressed, if I think about smaller goals, such as 5 pounds by a certain date, I feel like I can actually do it! Hopefully with these new techniques and a different mind frame, I will be able to lose what I need to.

One thing that I find kind of funny that shows how different everyones bodies are, is that people who are 60 pounds heavier than I am wear the same pant size. I have a lot of pudge on me, and definently lots of rolls, and I wear a size 13. However, I am only about 149, and I’m positive very little of that is muscle. With my bone structure I should be about 130-135. I honestly am WAY bigger than my friends who weigh the same or even more then me which is depressing. Then I read about people who weigh 200 pounds an wear the same size as me. It’s just crazy to think about. I found out that one of my friends who I’ve always seen as a healthy size weighs more then I do but is skinnier. That’s always kind of sad. Of course she has more muscle so its understandable. O well. My main goal is to fit into a size 8 and be able to wear tight shirts without severe muffin top. Even if that means I weigh 150, then I will still be super happy!

Here’s to a new lifestyle!

How long will I stay motivated this time?

I only had 30 pounds to lose in total. By comparison to most people trying to lose weight, that is a tiny amount. However, it has stuck with me since I was 14 and has grown from wanting to lose 10 pounds, to 20 and then to 30!

Over the past year, I have been able to lose 13 of it. 7 of which was lost in a short period of time due to Slim in 6, which of course I only did for about 4 weeks before getting bored. I think I only lasted that long because I had a workout partner, but she started to get lazy, which made me stop doing the video as well. The other 6 pounds kind of came off one at a time throughout the other months. Not sure how considering I didn’t exercise and ate like crap. I can’t complain, but even going from 162 to 149, my pant size is still 13. Last summer (2010) it was an 11 and had been an 11 since I was 16, but then I started working in an office and by Christmas that year I was a size 13.

For me, I go through motivation spurts which is horrible. I can not stay motivated for the life of me! After like a week, I’m back to eating shitty, or I’ve given up my exercise routine because I got bored. I just get bored SO quickly. I tried one of those fitness boot camps that was twice a week. I wanted to shoot myself of boredom. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard as hell and I was dying every class, but I also think that contributed to me not wanting to go. It was the worst hour of my life, and I was bored of doing jumping jacks and squats, and bur-pees for an hour twice a week.¬† All of those things I was able to do at home, and I did take some good advice from there, but finding the energy to actually do the stuff at home was a different story. Prior to this, I joined a stripper type dance class (with your clothes on). However, it was after work, 20 minutes away, and I was still getting used to working 40 hours a week. Add in the bad weather and you had me skipping classes all the time. I hate driving to places to do something that isn’t amazingly fun, so I’ve learned that whatever I take needs to be super close, not boring, and can’t be after a really really long day if I want to actually go to all the classes.

I am now in University, and they¬† have an amazing gym and SO many different workout programs for super super super cheap. The week of Jan. 19th, I start two different fitness classes. This time however, they are not your standard workout classes. One is an Deep Water Boot Camp, and the other is Kickboxercise. The awesome part though, is that both of these programs start 10-15 minutes after one of my classes at the school. I am already there so I dont have to drive some place to workout so I don’t have any excuses to miss a class. Plus, with out my school schedule is, my longest day before the exercise program is only 3 hours, not 8 hours like while I was working. Honestly, even with mass amounts of homework I should be able to attend all classes. For both of them, which are both once a week and 12 weeks long, the total cost together was only $80. I paid like $200 for the boot camp alone!.

I think another motivation coming up is my birthday. Every single year for as long as I can remember, I have always said “I’m going to lose weight and be my goal weight before my birthday!” Then, every year passes with me not losing any weight, and then being heavier by my next birthday!!!. That of course makes me really sad every time I go out for my birthday always feeling like the fat chick. Being 21 and feeling like an unattractive whale, while seeing all the other girls your age in these beautiful *yet very very short* dresses, well you are wearing jeans and trying to hide your giant muffin top BLOWS!

Luckily for me however, I am on another motivational streak. I am at the lowest I have been at in 2 years (yet a bigger pant size then 2 years ago… and more tummy and flub on my arms!)… plus my birthday is coming up again, and I am really sick of being sad on my birthdays because of my weight. Also, I am going to be 22, I am almost out of the young stage where you get to wear those crazy dresses, and I really don’t want to waste my youth feeling like the fat chick and hiding in clothing that a 21 year old girl shouldn’t feel like she HAS to wear.

While my Christmas eating habits were atrocious, I did not gain any weight. The past 3 days however my eating habits have been awesome, and I’ve worked out every day. Now I just need to keep this up!