Insanity Day 1: Fit Test #1

July 26th, 2010

I love NEW. New anything beats old anything so of course I’m excited and motivated today. Let’s see about tomorrow when I have to do Plyo. Haha. I have threatened in the past to take & post start measurements and pics but I never have. I’ve had this cute Nikon camera for like 2 1/2 years and never opened the box. I just made a huge step by charging the battery. Haha. So maybe pics and my measurements later today or tomorrow morning but for now…My Insanity fit test #1 results!

Fit Test: Warm-up, 1 min of each listed w/ 1 min of rest in between, buckets of sweat, and then a cool down. Tonya and Chris are in the video doing it too.

1. Switch Kicks: 121 (Tonya 110, Chris 100)
2. Power Jacks: 70 (Tonya 65, Chris ?)
3. Power Knees: 116 (Tonya 125, Chris 81)
4. Power Jumps: 40 (Tonya 50, Chris 42)
5. Globe Jumps: 7 (Tonya 11, Chris 11)
6. Suicide Jumps: 17 (Tonya 23, Chris 22)
7. Push-Up Jacks: 39 (Tonya 32, Chris 42)
8. Low Plank Oblique: 92 (Tonya 70, Chris 49)

Just to be clear, I am going to continue with my David Kirsch exercise plan for the next 5 weeks as I had always planned to do 45 minutes of any cardio a day. Now I am just swapping out “any cardio” for the Insanity program. Today I did Kirsch’s Boot Camp + Insanity Fit Test. Insanity will also extend past my 6-week Kirsch rotation. I am not sure what, if anything, I will add to Insanity at that point. I know the second month ratchets up so maybe I will just do it alone. In terms of nutrition, the most important part of weight loss, I have no clue what Insanity has to say. Maybe I’ll check it out sometime but I am keeping my Kirsch way of eating for life.

60-Day Insanity

July 26th, 2010

Decided to do 60-Day Insanity starting today! I’ve done a few Insanity routines but never did the full commitment. My issue is that it’s only cardio and I didn’t want to suffer muscle losses or stop weight training all together even though my primary focus is weight loss right now. Since I started my own David Kirsch rotation last week, I found my motivation over doing cardio wane. He only does cardio-sculpting & toning routines (very well I might add) but let’s you choose your own cardio. Some people might find this liberating but right now I need structure. That’s why I think a hybrid of the David Kirsch’s routines and Insanity- Getting Insanely Kirsched – will keep me motivated. It makes sense because my goal is to maintain lean muscle mass while losing as much weight (fat) as possible.

As a side note, I had already been looking into doing a P90X + Insanity hybrid but, after much-o research, I think it would be better to complete Insanity before P90X based on the purpose of each system.

Getting Kirsched 7/19-7/25

July 25th, 2010

So my first week went really well. This morning I weighed in at 200.4 (-4.2 lbs). Other than one “indulgence meal” and sometimes eating a post-workout banana, I am following David Kirsch’s 2-week jumpstart plan to a T. That means no ABCs = Alcohol, Bread, starchy Carbs, Dairy, Extra sweets, or Fruit & most Fats. I am completely satisfied and never hungry. In fact, I am so full all the time that I don’t feel like eating every 3 hrs (but I do to avoid getting overhungry later). The only issue I had was difficultly doing a non-stop 45 minutes of cardio (likely do to the low carbs).

My one indulgence meal was last night after seeing the movie Inception. My friend and I went to this upscale burger place, which is a hotspot where I live. It was really fun to get out of the house and I even got a little flirty with one guy. I ate a yummy burger with the bottom bun and an arugula salad. I also had a glass of red wine. Oh no I feel so guilty that I broke the rules! Just kidding. Food guilt never solves anything; it only creates more problems. I had a great time, enjoyed every sip and bite, and now I am back on the 2-week strict program today. Plus, Kirsch would have been proud of my choices. His lifelong way of eating plan is not about deprivation at all.

Here’s what my typical day looked like….

Appx. 1,200 calories, 100 oz. minimum water, multivitamin and fish oil vitamin

07:00 a.m.
Exercise [60-90 min]: See Exercise Routines below

8/8:30 a.m. (immediately following exercise)
Breakfast [200 cal]: 1 jumbo hardboiled egg and 1 banana OR 3 egg white omelet with 2 oz. deli meat, mushrooms, and red peppers

10:00 a.m.
Mid-morning Snack [160 cal]: 1 cup unsalted edamame in pods (I eat the pods)

01:00 p.m.
Lunch [400 cal]: 6 oz. grilled chicken breast (or pork tenderloin) and 1 roasted veggie (e.g. zucchini) on a large romaine salad w/ hot mustard & red wine vinegar

04:00 p.m.
Mid-afternoon Snack [200 cal]: 10 unsalted raw almonds and 1 oz. unsalted pumpkin seeds in shell (I eat the shells)

07:00 p.m.
Dinner [250 cal]: 4 oz. tuna fish w/ hot mustard on arugula lettuce and 1 cup steamed broccoli

11:00 p.m.
Exercise [15-30 min]: Relaxation yoga before bed

Exercise Routines
Day 01: 45 min SMSB Boot Camp + 30 min jog + 15 min jump rope
Day 02: 15 min NYBP Upper Body + 30 min jog + 15 min jump rope
Day 03: 45 min SMSB Boot Camp + 50 min Turbo Jam’s Kick & Punch Jam
Day 04: 15 min NYBP Lower Body + no cardio (needed recovery day)
Day 05: 45 min SMSB Boot Camp + 45 min jog
Day 06: 15 min NYBP Upper Body + 35 min Billy Blanks’ Cardio Circuit
Day 07: 45 min SMSB Boot Camp + 30 min Cathe Friedrich’s STS Cardio: HIIT

Exercise Routines Key:
SMSB Boot Camp = Sound Mind, Sound Body Ultimate Fitness Boot Camp (I used 5 lb wts)
NYBP = Ultimate New York Body Plan (I used medium stability ball, 5 lb wts, and 6 lb medicine ball)

In a previous post, I said I’d be okay with being unhappy if I were fit. Well, I take it back. One thing I tend to do is make my goals conflict in an unhealthy way. Focusing on a career means no personal life. Focusing on weight loss means a negative relationship with my family. Of course, I realize that most people struggle with balancing their goals in life but I tend to make them mutually exclusive goods… through my mindset. That’s right. It all boils down to the negative way I think.  I constantly criticize and judge myself (and others). I constantly replay the past, which leads me to calculate the future based on FEAR. And most importantly, I believe that I don’t deserve to be happy.

 I am now actively trying to quiet by internal dialogue.  I refuse to let my past dictate my future. I want and deserve it all (whatever that means). And the way to get that is to put happiness above all other goals. After all, any goal – whether it is to be fit, at a healthy weight, run a half marathon, be a working writer, or get that hot ass boyfriend – should make me a happier person. Thanks for the insight Deepak Chopra! Haha.

Today I weigh 202 lbs so I’m pretty excited to be on the brink of getting under 200 (forever!) and 30 lbs lost overall.  On Monday,  I started a 6 week rotation of David Kirsch’s fitness videos (Sound Mind, Sound Body Boot Camp, New York Body Plan set, and 7-day Prescriptions set). I’ve always loved David Kirsch because his system achieves dramatic & sustainable results and his cardio-sculpting routines have always been my most challenging workouts even when I was in good shape. Thanks to the 30-day Shred and my other workouts, I finally have the base to jump into the deep end and get Kirsched!

After this, looking forward to Tony Horton’s P90x set (the harder doubles program) during the fall/winter months. Yeah, 90 days is a long time with one instructor but I want a commitment for the colder months when overeating and underdoing become an issue. I also will swap out kenpo x and cardio x for other higher calorie burning cardio to allow for some variety.


Yoga Week 7/12-7/18

July 12th, 2010

Giving yoga my full attention this week. I found some great DVDs that aren’t overly spiritual and provide clear form instruction for beginners. I’m hoping yoga practice can aid in regimenting my schedule, focusing my creative energy, and relieving stress.

My routine will pretty much be the same every day. In the morning, I will do yoga followed by cardio and/or strength training. Since yoga practice can take some time, I will do fast and effective HIIT for my other workouts. During the day, I will mimic a traditional work environment limiting my focus to writing and editing my scripts. Before bed, I will read (novels and/or other people’s scripts) followed by a yoga relaxation session.

Yoga Workouts:
Seane Corn’s Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Instructional session only
Rodney Yee’s Yoga Burn
Rodney Yee & Patricia Walden’s AM and PM Yoga for Beginners
Elena Brower’s Element: AM and PM Yoga for Beginners
Rodney Yee’s Power Yoga – Stamina, strength, & flexibility sessions

Other Workouts:
My own HIIT runs, jump rope & body weight calisthenics
Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred – Levels 2 & 3
Cathe Friedrich’s Shock Cardio HIIT – 40/20, 30/30, & dbl pyramid
Cathe Friedrich’s Cardio Core Circuit
Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Jam: Fat Blaster
Jackie Warner’s Power Circuit Training – Total body & various targeted circuits

Weekly Review 7/05-7/11

July 10th, 2010

I’m just going to keep on posting crap today because I have no one to talk to! Down to 205.6 (-2.6 lbs) and no one cares, not even me at the moment. It makes me very sad to know other people (via the forum) feel like they can’t give compliments or encouragement in real life to fat people (or anyone else for that matter). I don’t know, is this really true? Can’t we all encourage each other no matter if we know each other or not? No matter if we’re fat, thin, young, or old? Are fat people, myself included, really more sensitive to compliments and encouragement than a “normal” person? Maybe this is why my family hasn’t said anything nice to me about me getting fit again. Maybe they are afraid. Maybe it’s all my fault! Wow and wow! That really sucks ‘cause I could use some encouragement from somewhere. Anywhere.  

What else? Food is okay (closer to 1,200 than 1,500 calories), no binges or desire to binge. I didn’t do any outside running but kept up the HIIT theme. The weather is better so I plan to jog this weekend to keep momentum.


 I’ve gotta come up with something fun and motivational for this week’s theme! I ain’t quitting cause I’d rather be fit and unhappy than unfit and unhappy.

Writing, 3fc forum, etc.

July 10th, 2010

So another sleepless night. Stressed out? Just a tad but I think it’s in a good way. I wrote 4 pages for one of my screenplays. That’s a lot in one night. My friend who works for a NYC talent agency is helping me edit so I have to send him pages by the end of this week. It’s very strange having deadlines again but I believe I can do this.  

I also pulled out a bunch of workout DVDs including Rodney Yee, Jackie Warner and Cathe Friedrich as well as my bosu, step and some heavier free weights. It does feel like these peeps are my personal trainers keeping it interesting for me. But I wish I could go to the gym and play squash right now.

Edit: On a side note, I guess I am just really not capable of communication judging by reaction in the forum lately. LOL And I want to be a writer? Wow. Just wow. I guess people don’t think like me at all. I don’t need to be right but I would think that there was some kernel of universal truth in my posts that people could relate to….Nope! Well that’s it for me with the forum for now. I don’t want to offend anyone and I also don’t want to be banging my head against a wall trying to sound human cause apparently I’m a friggin alien.

I don’t like people

July 9th, 2010

In my current situation, I feel incredibly lonely and cut off from the world but not so long ago I chose to be alone quite a bit. I worked primarily from home even though the office was 15 minutes away. I chose to manage an office of people from afar. I chose to take the businesses I ran in a global direction where the primary form of communication was teleconferencing with outside partners. One of my favorite things to do was take off to NYC with my phones and laptops, check into a huge suite overlooking central park, and just be alone. Why? I don’t even know really. I lived alone so it wasn’t like I really needed to get away and these were hardly vacations. I wouldn’t leave the suite for the entire week sometimes. I wouldn’t call up friends in the city or go do anything fun like see shows. I would just work like a mad woman. 

When I look back further, college and even high school were the same. I was both extremely social and a complete loner. It was easy then because everyone partied hard and studied harder so it wasn’t abnormal for me to retreat into my own little world when I needed to.  I know where I learned this behavior. Like everything else, I could blame my parents for suffering fools poorly and not being connected to extended family. But, I can’t and I won’t because I AM an adult even if I don’t act like one right now.

So now I want more. I want to feel closer to family and friends and be connected to a community. How do I go about it? And when I get my life back together (i.e. becoming successful again), I wonder if I’m going to fall right back into that sad existence where I just don’t want to be bothered…

 Forget the long low intensity cardio workouts, this week is all about getting straight to the point with high intensity interval training (HIIT). That’s right – the most effective way to boost metabolism, burn calories, and build endurance. It’s time for HIIT IT AND QUIT IT WEEK!

To be honest, I just want a chance to use my Shaun T. Insanity series. Intense cardio intervals with a hot ass trainer? Yes, please. Beachbody workouts always have a little yoga in them so that’s a plus as well

Scheduled Workouts:
Monday 7/5: 30DS-2, jump rope, medicine & stability ball calisthenics, Insanity P&R
Tuesday 7/6: 30DS-1&2, HIIT run, NMTZ
Wednesday 7/7: 30DS-2, jump rope, sprints or HIIT run, Insanity Plyo
Thursday 7/8: 30DS-1&2, Insanity Pure
Friday 7/9: 30DS-2, sprints or HIIT run, DK Boot Camp
Saturday 7/10: 30DS-2, jump rope, medicine & stability ball calisthenics, Insanity P&R
Sunday 7/11: 30DS-3, jog or HIIT run
In addition, I will be doing as much beginner yoga as I can stand. Haven’t embraced it yet.

Workout Vids Referenced:
20 min. Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred Levels 1-3 (30DS-#) <—actually 25-28 min lol
40 min. Shaun T.’s Insanity: Power and Resistance (Insanity P&R)
40 min. Shaun T.’s Insanity: Pure Cardio (Insanity Pure)
40 min. Shaun T.’s Insanity: Plyometric Cardio (Insanity Plyo)
55 min. Jillian Michaels’ No More Trouble Zones (NMTZ)
45 min. David Kirsch Ultimate Fitness Boot Camp (DK Boot Camp)

Weekly Review 6/28-7/04

July 5th, 2010

Thanks to core strength and flexibility week, I’m stronger and fitter at 208.2 (+.6). Not bad considering I didn’t get my ass in gear until Thursday.  I sat around quite a bit watching T.V. including Wimbledon (Yay!! Champions Rafa Nadal and Serena Williams!!) and World Cup (Go Spain!). Eating was also closer to 1500 than 1200 calories per day but I’m okay with that. I did manage to cook and eat well during the 4th of July including delicious roasted chicken wings. So YUMMY and better than my world famous buffalo wings.

I recharged on Sunday taking a lite exercise day so I’m ready for this week’s theme! I have some ideas but will finalize and post my workout schedule later today.