Good morning!

It is so nice outside! I know, I know I talk about how nice it is a LOT! I live in Ohio. Winter here is AWFUL!!!!!!! I hate Ohio in winter! It is dark, dreary, cold, just plain BLECH!!!!!!! So when we get sun, warm air, a blue sky I am overjoyed!!!!! I am almost over the trauma of this last Ohio winter. Almost! heheheh If my hubby did not have such a good job I would just pick up and move to Florida! I have even considered renting a home there for January-end of March. I think I would miss hubby too much and so would the boys. One thing that I need to do is come up with a better action plan on how to handle next winter so that I keep on my workouts and eating healthy.




Breakfast: egg, whole wheat English muffin, 1 TB orange marmalade, tea with stevia

Lunch: 4 oz. chicken breast, cabbage/carrots 2 cups, 1 TB. light slaw dressing, hot pepper rings, 2 serv. fat free chips

Dinner: SAME as lunch

Snacks: yogurt , banana

Leslie DVD~~~~~treadmill for 20 minutes~~~~~?




MONDAY meals

Breakfast~ 1 English muffin (wheat), 1 TB. light cream cheese, 1 egg

Lunch~2 slices flax seed bread, 4 oz, turkey, mustard, apple, 1.5 serv. fat free chips

Dinner~ 2 chicken breasts, carrots, horseradish, 2 serv. fat free chips


25 minute Leslie Samsone DVD~ 45 minutes at zoo ~ 45 minute walk at reservation ~ 25 minute after dinner walk (it was a day off for hubby and kids so we had fun and stayed out as long as the sun was shining)



Breakfast~ 1 egg, 1 english muffin, 1 TB. cream cheese

Lunch ~ 4 oz. turkey, 2 cups salad, 2 TB. yogurt ranch, 1 small baked potato, hot sauce,

snack~1 serv. fat free chips, diet Dr, Pepper

Dinner~ 4 oz. chicken breast, grilled peppers and onions, 1/2 cup rice, hot sauce

snack~ fat free chips, diet yogurt, banana


25 min. Leslie Samsone dvd

20 min. treadmill at 3.2 mph

25 minute afterdinner walk


I am trying to get ready for Ceder Point. We have season passes (our staycation) We go about 2-6 days a week. Depending on the weather. After hubby gets off duty we make the 25 minute drive to C.P and stay about 3 hours. We go on some rides, walk a TON, and have fun doing it. It is how i lost weight last summer. I am making some goals for this summer.

By the end of (month) I want to weigh

MAY~ 198

JUNE~ 188

JULY~ 179





DECEMBER~155 (this is my goal weight)

I know it seems like it holds a lot of ambition however during the summer I workout a LOT!!!!! Between the DVD, the treadmill, walks in the park, Ceder Point, and weights with situps I workout a TON! Last year in the summer i lost 38 pounds which I regained in the winter. This year i am losing it and NOT putting it back on. Part of this is planning out a better action plan for next winter.


☼ Sunny Sunday ☼

Good afternoon,

It has been a really great day so far.

This morning i got up early and did the workout DVD.

Then we went to church and the preaching was just what I needed to hear!

After church we went for a nice walk on a path close to where our farm used to be.

After that I came home and got on the treadmill for 20 minutes.

Now I am making an early dinner because hubby is on duty and it is just the kiddo’s and me. They like to eat early so we will .


weight~ 213 (I have not weighed myself in a few days. I wan to wait It makes me train harder)


Breakfast~ 1/4 cup cottage cheese w/ 1 wheat english muffin & 1 TB cream cheese

Lunch~ 2 chicken breasts, 10 carrots, horseradish, 1 serv. tostitos

Dinner~ 2 small baked potatos w/ 2 cups salad greens w/ 2 TB yogurt ranch dressing w / 1 serv. tostitos

snack~ 1 banana w/ 1 sugar free yogurt

I already feel my body changing. My legs are firmer , my arms in the biceps feel firmer, my pants a tad looser. I am sore and it is





Breakfast~ 1 egg / 1 whole whear light english muffin/ 1 TB. light cream cheese

Lunch~ 1 small flax seed pita/4 oz. turkey/ 1/2 cup romaine/ 10 hot pepper rings/2 TB diet yogurt ranch/ 2 serv. fat free pringles/ 6 baby carrots/ water/diet ginger ale

Dinner~ same as lunch (on road again)


What a awesome day it has been! I was able to workout to the Leslie Samsone dvd again this morning. It is a cross train aerobic/weight workout. My arms ache and it is GREAT!     😉

The while the boys ate lunch I hopped on the treadmill and walked for 20 minutes at 3.5 !   Later after hubby gets off duty and picks up DS (dear son) from his paintball war (with youth group)   we will go for a walk in the park. 

Then we have home group! I am so looking forward to home group. The people there are so great. They are truly a breath of fresh air. I am bringing some cottage cheese and an apple for my snack there so I am not tempted by the baked goods and chips. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!




Workout~ 25 minute Leslie Samson DVD (with 3 lb. weights)

                 20 minutes (treadmill @ 3.2)

                 35 minute walk (outside @ 3.0)


Breakfast ~1 egg, 1 Thomas lt. English muffin w/ 1TB light cream cheese  & 10 ounces of water

Lunch~ 1 wheat/flax seed small pita , w/ 4 ounces back forest turkey & 1 TB light ranch & 1 cup romaine

              1 serv. tostitos chips, 10 ounces of water, 6 ounces diet ginger ale

snack~ apple

Dinner~  same as lunch as we will be on road.


It is so pretty outside today! The sun is out again Yessssssssss!  The sky is blue, the air is warm Wooohooooo!!  I live in Ohio so I will take every beautiful day I can get and hang onto it for dear life!  LOL

I worked out twice so far. I plan on taking a walk with the boys and hubby later in the park. BONUS is we are also walking for about 2 hours in two community garage sales! 

Feels so good to be back in eating healthy and workout out again.


Tuesday ☼

Good morning!

It is sunny once again! LOVE it!!!!!

My hubby has Sunday and Monday off as his weekend. We arrange our whole schedule around this. I home school Tuesday through Saturday so my boys can have as much time with Dad as they can. This enables us to do things as a family together.

 This past weekend after church it was VERY rainy so we walked in a mall. Then while hubby spent time one on one with the boys I went to see the movie Oblivion. It was pretty good.

On Monday we took a long walk the the zoo. It was supposed to be rainy but the rain stopped and it turned out to be a great time. I am so glad we took our chances. Later on we decided to take another walk at the local park which has a long path.

I have to teach today (home school) but later on when hubby is off duty and back at home we will take a nice long walk at my boys favorite old path (close to the farm where we used to live).  Then we will have dinner and then go for a shorter walk at our local park. I soooooooo LOVE sunny , warm, blue sky days. I live in OHIO  YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to live somewhere where it is warm and sunny most of the time. So I really appreciate these awesome days. I just want to be outside and not come in till bedtime  😉

I am going to start concentrating on my eating a lot more now. I am going to sit down later today (after I am finished teaching) and going to put together a meal plan.


Friday (said with a smile)

Good Friday morning to everyone!

What a difference another day makes. Especially one that is filled with blue skies and sunshine. It helps a great deal with my overall attitude.

((THANK you))  I ♥ the ideas.  I a going to

~ Keep a few journals (one here, one handwritten just for food, and one prayer journal)

~I am going to (weather permitting-this is Ohio after all) walk out of doors every day.

~I am going to put aside some time every day to read, have a cup of low cal chai tea latte, and if time permits take a loooong hot bath at the end of the day.

~I am going to try and not focus on the stressful parts of my day/week/month/life. Instead I need to try and focus on the positive. There is no place in my life for ugly, negative , or bitterness which can only be lifesucking and offers nothing good to my life.

~I am considering trying to find time early next fall (when life slows down) to go in for some therapy for my extreme (I mean REAL extreme) germaphobia and cleaning ocd. Which calm down in spring-early fall and are out of control in winter.

Yesterday we went to Sandusky to get our photo’s taken for our Ceder Point passes. It opens up two weeks from Saturday. My boys like  really like LOVE this place. Our 6 year old finds a great deal of sensory comfort in the rides so we use it as much as we can.  It is only a 20 minute drive from where we live. The BEST part????  We can go walk the park (in 3 hours including ride time) and it is a LOT of walking! You don’t even really notice that your working out because it is so much fun. Last year I walked off 35 pounds last summer  (which I since re-gained)  This year I am going to try and do this again. I will call it the CEDER POINT workout program!  LOLOL




Good morning!

Well my post from yesterday was just filled with Joy and cheer  YIKES!   I have those days every once in a while. Everyone has their burdens mine not being harder than what anyone else is going through.

Everyone has their rough days, bumps in the road, tough times, stressfull days etc……. I have got into some real bad habbits. One being thinking that fatter is safer (even though I hate being fat). Another is using food to avoid coping with stress, hard times, sadness, and yes even anger and bitterness.  I have to learn to find better coping skills than shoving food into my mouth!!!! here are some things I need to set up a action plan for.

~When my 6 year old son’s autism and sensory issues are on overdrive and makes the day really overwhelming.

~When homeschool gets me down and I dont feel like I am doing enough to teach him or make a difference.

~Dealing with isolation that comes with having a special needs child.

~Dealing with oh so fun family issues  UGH!

Other than that life is really good.

I have four sons whom I love so very much.

 I have a wonderful husband who is such a good, kind hearted , loving man.

 Even though we lost our farm (due to debts from medical bills from son) we have a roof over our heads in a nice decent area.

We have food on our table, clothes on our backs, my husband has a good job, our health in general is good.

I have a lot to be thankful for.

Now I need to find a way to NOT eat when the stress hits and bumps in the road rock my day.

Step 1~ Write here daily (more if needed) my computer therapist!  LOL

step2~write down everything I eat & drink

step 3~try and move (workout) everyday

step 4~try and find other things to take my mind off of stress and OFF of food (taking a walk, reading, cleaning, a craft or hobby, Facebook, Pintrest….)

What do you all do when you feel like eating out fo stress, being bored, sad etc…….. How do you fill the void ?


Where do I go from here?

I took a walk this morning on my treadmill listening to  Imagine Dragons. This one song “My Fault”. It is talking about his talking a walk to have some introspect on his life “where do I go from here?”  How his being where he is is HIS doing HIS fault. While I don’t like being down on myself where I am right now is all my doing. I have lost this weight a few times now. I get close to goal weight (155) and then I get more skittish than a cat on a hot tin roof. I know why I am just not sure what to do with it. I use weight as a way to protect myself from something that happened in my past. I feel if I make myself ugly enough (AKA fat) I will be safe from that ever happening again.   –sigh–  I am far too old to be playing these head games with myself. My being thinner had nothing to do with what happened to me. So why am I hanging onto this concept that if I stay fat I am safe?? I hate being fat but I hate feeling fear more.  I have got to learn to really let it go, let it really be in God’s hands, and that includes the fear.  I have got to find a way to work through it.

You see I am now back at 213 Freaking pounds again!!!  I hate feeling and being fat, I hate the way it effect my energy, my stamina, my diabetes, my looks……….. I dont want to live in this fear anymore!!  SONOFAB____ I am sooooo over this!!!!  I have been punishing myself thinking I was protecting myself  for more of my life than I should have! Time wasted, life wasted, I cant get it back!!   I am done!!!!!! 

I am taking my flipping life back!