Good morning!
It is so nice outside! I know, I know I talk about how nice it is a LOT! I live in Ohio. Winter here is AWFUL!!!!!!! I hate Ohio in winter! It is dark, dreary, cold, just plain BLECH!!!!!!! So when we get sun, warm air, a blue sky I am [...]


MONDAY meals
Breakfast~ 1 English muffin (wheat), 1 TB. light cream cheese, 1 egg
Lunch~2 slices flax seed bread, 4 oz, turkey, mustard, apple, 1.5 serv. fat free chips
Dinner~ 2 chicken breasts, carrots, horseradish, 2 serv. fat free chips
25 minute Leslie Samsone DVD~ 45 minutes at zoo ~ 45 minute walk at reservation ~ 25 minute after [...]

☼ Sunny Sunday ☼

Good afternoon,
It has been a really great day so far.
This morning i got up early and did the workout DVD.
Then we went to church and the preaching was just what I needed to hear!
After church we went for a nice walk on a path close to where our farm used to be.
After that I came [...]


Breakfast~ 1 egg / 1 whole whear light english muffin/ 1 TB. light cream cheese
Lunch~ 1 small flax seed pita/4 oz. turkey/ 1/2 cup romaine/ 10 hot pepper rings/2 TB diet yogurt ranch/ 2 serv. fat free pringles/ 6 baby carrots/ water/diet ginger ale
Dinner~ same as lunch (on road again)
What a awesome day it has [...]


Workout~ 25 minute Leslie Samson DVD (with 3 lb. weights)
                 20 minutes (treadmill @ 3.2)
                 35 minute walk (outside @ 3.0)
Breakfast ~1 egg, 1 Thomas lt. English muffin w/ 1TB light cream cheese  & 10 ounces of water
Lunch~ 1 wheat/flax seed small pita , w/ 4 ounces back forest turkey & 1 TB light ranch [...]

Tuesday ☼

Good morning!
It is sunny once again! LOVE it!!!!!
My hubby has Sunday and Monday off as his weekend. We arrange our whole schedule around this. I home school Tuesday through Saturday so my boys can have as much time with Dad as they can. This enables us to do things as a family together.
 This past weekend [...]

Friday (said with a smile)

Good Friday morning to everyone!
What a difference another day makes. Especially one that is filled with blue skies and sunshine. It helps a great deal with my overall attitude.
((THANK you))  I ♥ the ideas.  I a going to
~ Keep a few journals (one here, one handwritten just for food, and one prayer journal)
~I am going [...]


Good morning!
Well my post from yesterday was just filled with Joy and cheer  YIKES!   I have those days every once in a while. Everyone has their burdens mine not being harder than what anyone else is going through.
Everyone has their rough days, bumps in the road, tough times, stressfull days etc……. I have got [...]

Where do I go from here?

I took a walk this morning on my treadmill listening to  Imagine Dragons. This one song “My Fault”. It is talking about his talking a walk to have some introspect on his life “where do I go from here?”  How his being where he is is HIS doing HIS fault. While I don’t like being down on [...]