I have been gone for a few days but I have been doing well (thank you Lord!)

On Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday we went to Ceder Point. We walked for on average 3.5 hours each time. So EACH day I burned well over 700 calories! I am not weighing myself till the last day of the month. I want to work hard and not let a number on the scale dictate my day. I am not sure why but even when i stay on plan with eating and working out if I get on the scale and show a water weight gain or a slow loss it derails me for some reason. So I am opting to NOT weight myself more than once or twice a month. I work harder and i like pushing myself like that.


Breakfast~ 1 egg, 1 english muffin, 1 TB cream cheese, coffee, water

Lunch~ 2 slices whole wheat bread, turkey, mustard, 2 serv. fat free chips, carrots, yogurt ranch, hot peppers

Dinner~ 2 cups salad mix, yogurt ranch, 4 ounces lean beef, tomatos, red onion, hot peppers, hot sauce, 1 serv. tostitos

Snack~ 1 banana, 1 pack raw nuts (100 cal pack)


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  1. I’ll bet you had a wonderful time at CP. Fun! Good for you on holding off to weigh, I wish I could but I always cave.

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