☼ Sunny Sunday ☼

Good afternoon,

It has been a really great day so far.

This morning i got up early and did the workout DVD.

Then we went to church and the preaching was just what I needed to hear!

After church we went for a nice walk on a path close to where our farm used to be.

After that I came home and got on the treadmill for 20 minutes.

Now I am making an early dinner because hubby is on duty and it is just the kiddo’s and me. They like to eat early so we will .


weight~ 213 (I have not weighed myself in a few days. I wan to wait It makes me train harder)


Breakfast~ 1/4 cup cottage cheese w/ 1 wheat english muffin & 1 TB cream cheese

Lunch~ 2 chicken breasts, 10 carrots, horseradish, 1 serv. tostitos

Dinner~ 2 small baked potatos w/ 2 cups salad greens w/ 2 TB yogurt ranch dressing w / 1 serv. tostitos

snack~ 1 banana w/ 1 sugar free yogurt

I already feel my body changing. My legs are firmer , my arms in the biceps feel firmer, my pants a tad looser. I am sore and it is



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  1. YAY you for keeping at it. I have a couple of the Leslie Sansone dvd and I like them. I just did the 3 mile video the other day.

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