Tuesday ☼

Good morning!
It is sunny once again! LOVE it!!!!!
My hubby has Sunday and Monday off as his weekend. We arrange our whole schedule around this. I home school Tuesday through Saturday so my boys can have as much time with Dad as they can. This enables us to do things as a family together.
 This past weekend [...]

Friday (said with a smile)

Good Friday morning to everyone!
What a difference another day makes. Especially one that is filled with blue skies and sunshine. It helps a great deal with my overall attitude.
((THANK you))  I ♥ the ideas.  I a going to
~ Keep a few journals (one here, one handwritten just for food, and one prayer journal)
~I am going [...]


Good morning!
Well my post from yesterday was just filled with Joy and cheer  YIKES!   I have those days every once in a while. Everyone has their burdens mine not being harder than what anyone else is going through.
Everyone has their rough days, bumps in the road, tough times, stressfull days etc……. I have got [...]

Where do I go from here?

I took a walk this morning on my treadmill listening to  Imagine Dragons. This one song “My Fault”. It is talking about his talking a walk to have some introspect on his life “where do I go from here?”  How his being where he is is HIS doing HIS fault. While I don’t like being down on [...]


WEIGHT~ 213    = boooooooooo me!  This will change!!!!
Today was just a beautiful day.
 We homeschool Tuesday through Saturday in the school year and Tuesday through Friday in summer. We have this schedule because hubby works Tuesday through Saturday. Since today was a off day for us we decided to spend it out of doors. It was [...]