diet pills?

I had my annual exam today and my doctor complimented me on my weight loss.  I was kind of surprised b/c I have only lost about 5 pounds since last year and I’m still technically obese.  She asked if I wanted her to prescribe pills for me?  Has anyone used them?  It would be phentamine and she said she’d only have me on it for about 4 months.  I’m having a few issues right now w/dizziness and getting light-headed when I stand up so she’s referring me to an internist before we do anything but I want to gather as much information as possible before I go back.  I know years ago that phen-fen caused a lot of problems; my aunt actually has PPH from taking it so I know how serious it can be.  From what I have read this medication is safe and odds are it would be ok but I’m not sure if I’m wanting to risk that to lose weight a bit more quickly.

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