17 Day Diet–Day 5

Not much new to report today.  It’s my rest day for exercise and it’s a good thing b/c I got too busy to eat one of my snacks and I wouldn’t have had any energy to workout.  I sneaked a peek at the scale this morning and saw 203.6–it was 209 on Sunday so I’m very happy.  I can tell my face is looking thinner and although there was still a muffin top on my size 14 jeans this morning it was more of a mini-muffin. 

The first major challenge will be the weekend but I will do it.  We’re off Monday which complicates things b/c I’m off my routine but I’ll figure out how to handle it later.  Also, my treat on Sunday is only going to be a container of sugar free pudding.  Luckily I like that but it’s not going to compare to the 3 pieces of cheesecake (yes, 3) that I had last weekend.  But I guess the cheesecake can’t compare to meeting my goals.

To answer the question in my comments, I’m using the Cathe Friederich STS Mesocycle 1 workouts.  I’m halfway through the 1st month and really like it.  I’m excited for the 2nd month b/c in nearly all of the reviews people talk about how they like this month even better than the 1st!

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  1. narnia99 on January 15th, 2012

    I have the STS program too. I’ve completed the 3 cycles twice, it’s a really good program. I liked the 2 mesocycle the best. Good luck,and I hope you enjoy the series 🙂

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