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I have been doing a lot of thinking these last 48 hours.  I decided to take yesterday off from exercise and it was torture.  I really missed it and noticed that I was much crankier than usual, my hubby even commented.  But I realized that I had worked out every day for nearly 3 weeks and thought that maybe my body needed a rest. 

Since I wasn’t exercising (or does shoveling food into your mouth count as exercise?) I started thinking about the upcoming month.  I toyed w/the idea of just maintaining during December but then realized that having a plan to maintain is telling myself that I can’t do it.  I’m not saying that anyone who is planning to maintain through the holidays isn’t making a good plan, it’s just a plan that doesn’t work for me.  I realize that my losses may be more inconsistent than usual but in all honesty I’m generally inconsistent w/my weight loss so maybe it will be a normal loss.  Who knows?  At this point I still want to be below 230 by the end of the year.  Even more importantly, I want to fit into the size 16 pants that I bought.  If I stay focused I can do it.

I also started worrying (prematurely) over the 2 week break we have at Christmas.  As much as I’m looking forward to it, I’m scared that I’ll pack on a million pounds b/c I’ll be out of my normal routine.  And then I realized, I’m home for 2 months in the summer and I’m more successful losing weight in the summer than during the school year.  So I just need to create a new routine; one for the school week and one for days I’m not at school whether it be a weekend or more extended break.  Either way, I need to realize that weekends and breaks are part of life and shouldn’t be feared.

So today was the first step back on the path toward my goal.  I am on plan for food and had a great workout (70 minutes on the treadclimber, 1400+ calories burned).  I have a few obstacles this week in my regular schedule, tonight or tomorrow I will map out how I will stay on-plan regardless of these changes.  I know there will be some days during December that are going to involve high-calorie food and I’m going to partake but 3 or 4 days throughout the month cannot turn into 31 days of the month!  I started this journey last year about 10 days before Christmas and was able to lose weight during the holiday season, I can do it again.

Progress toward workout goal:  115/250

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  1. moonfairy on December 1st, 2008

    Like you, I was able to stay OP last winter/Christmas. I’m hoping I can do that again. That is assuming I can stay away from Turtles chocolates. 🙂

  2. msperception on December 1st, 2008

    Thanks for your encouragement! I am like you in that I don’t want to just maintain during this month. I know I need to set my sights higher and weight loss CAN happen during the holidays. It’s interesting that you felt worse for taking a rest day. Might as well keep a good thing going as long as you don’t over-do it, I guess!

  3. sterling on December 2nd, 2008

    It must be something about the season, I too have been toying (rather agonizing) over the idea of maintaining this month. I’m on the verge of burnout.

    Recommitting sounds like the refresher I need. Rather than follow the same path, forge a new one. Thank you for giving me some fresh thought for tonight. All after I wrote a miserable entry about miserableness. Shoot, should have come here first 🙂

  4. grabthebull on December 2nd, 2008

    For your holiday, make a plan and stick to it. I find that if I begin my day was a great workout, I feel better and stay OP. But most of all, enjoy your time off, and try to relax!


    P.S. I am LOLing at your air filter comment 🙂

  5. bigprof on December 2nd, 2008

    OMG! I’m sitting here thinking: if I can just survive this break, everything will be okay. Last year around this time I packed on an additional 8 pounds in under a month! Holy cow, if only I could lose weight that fast!

    But you’re right. You. are. so. right! Like you, I don’t need to think about surviving this month or just maintaining. I need to think about turning this month into something great.

    Thank you for this post! You just totally changed my thinking & now I’m actually looking at December as a time when I’ll have more time to exercise & plan healthy meals than I do during the rest of the semester. WOW! I’m looking at a completely different month now.

  6. […] Brseay has an important post up today. She was thinking about how to maintain this holiday season (read: school vacation) when she realize that just thinking about maintaining was a kind of sabotage of her goals. I read this post & suddenly instead of stretching out before me as an endless month of mindless munching, big meals, party food, and disappointment, December is starting to look like a month where maybe, just maybe, I can actually move that scale in the right direction. Hell, school’s out so I’ll have time to exercise & plan meals, right? So why not look at December as an awesome month & stop fearing it? Apparently Delitagain is celebrating her second month of losses & setting some goals for December as well. Damn. Seems like being proactive, rather than failing miserably at being reactive all month may be the way to go…for me anyway. […]

  7. eryn76 on December 2nd, 2008

    Sounds like a great plan. Like everyone else, I was looking at it from the completely opposite way. You’ve turned that whole outlook around. Although I’m not off, I can still stick to my normal routine (gym mornings and watching calories) throughout the month.

  8. tylerdurden on December 2nd, 2008

    Excellent plan, why shouldn’t we just press forward through the holidays! I don’t know for how many years I told myself that I would “get on track” on Jan 1st and really buckle down. But it never seemed to happen! Look at what a headstart we have on the new year, whoo hoo! We’re going to rock 2009!

  9. patty on December 3rd, 2008

    You can do it, Brandie! It really is a lot easier when we’re off work. I know you’re like me during the school year, eaten alive! It seems like we’re so overwhelmed that we don’t have any control over things. You’re doing fantastic! Can you believe we’re almost halfway through the school year???

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