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UNDER 200 BITCHEZZZZZZ! February 2, 2010

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 Why yes,

As a matter of fact…I am down 9lbs and am weighing in under 200!  I clearly need to stop watching jersey shore! I had some fries and chips and brownies on the weekend.  the chips were all natural organic goodish for you chips with no artificial flavoring!  The brownies were low cal low fat with 5g of fiber/2brownies!  And as for the fries…I didn’t have a whole lot, but for what I had i had them with cheese curds annd gravy.  Mmmm poutine.  Everyone gets to have a little good stuff now and then!  I might have had a couple slices of pizza on saturday night too!  :S  I’m back on the wagon though!

Waist: 43″ (10″ from where i want to be!)

Arms: 13″

thigh: 27″ (haha, yes i know…i have fat legs, this number probably wont change)

calf: 17″

 chest: 44″…wooooaaah mama! 


 pics later tonight!


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  1. A. Says:

    HAHAHHA!!!! Good job! Proud of you!

    How is the vegetarian thing going for you? I am trying it for Feb, and I have done well so far, but I havent lost anything. Maybe I am being impatient :p.

    Jersey Shore kills me. I feel so violated, yet satisfied with my normalcy after watching that show!!!

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