At least I have stayed at 208 since the last time I was going to do this in march. Anywho I had a revaltion today while i was sweating my ass off today and that revaltion was I think…well…KNOW I have found my thing to make my ass do this and push myself AND not give up and that is all thanks to the clever placing of the treadmill my momma just got.  Prefectly straight and at eyelevel when I’m on the machine is a picture of my from when I was at my heaviest (which is at 218) and when I got that voice that was telling me to give up I just stared at that pictuer and was like “Nope you give up being unhealthy” AND HA! I won.

SO besides that wonderful thing today is great so far I’ve ate right and while I’m sitting here completely gross the only thing that I have on my mind is planning what I’m doing about dinner because of not having at break at a closing shift tonight. SO I think I’m going to back snack and sneak in the back every so often to grub out on healthy stuff. Anyway I’m out.

Ready, Set, GO.

So tomorrow I’m going to go back and start eating healthy again. I know I’ve said that a million times and even as I sit here I have no clue if I really will do it or not. I just don’t know what happened. I did so good last year lost 20lbs and BAM! gained it all back in no time. I honestly have no excuse now because I have the tools right in front of me I just need to use them. Things would be so much better too because my performance in derby would be amazing, I would look great and feel amazing plus how happy am I really being over weight? Not happy at all. So I’m ready and starting tomorrow i’m going strong and hard and will lose this weight no matter what! So this time i’m setting goals/rewards.

1. Be in Onederland by June 8th- No Clue x)
3. 193- Lose 15lbs by June 27th – New Tights for Bouting
4. 188- 2 year Anniversary Challenge 7/15- New Jeans
5. 179- No longer “obese” (BMI)- Hoop Nose Ring
6. 168- Halloween Challenge- Amazing Sexy Costume
7. 158- Christmas Challenge- New Bras and Undies
8. 150- Ultimate goal- New Clothes
9. 145- No longer “overweight”(BMI)- New Tattoo

So We’ll see what happens. So the plan is this i’m doing weight watchers, not drinking sods, working out every day for atleast 30 mins and my weigh in will be on tuesdays. and go!